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  • Justin
    Justin on


    Looking for a custom builder to convert my 1975 VW Bus to 4×4…any suggestions?

    Im in the Gauteng area.


    Ian Glass
    Ian Glass
    Ian Glass on

    It would probably be best to find a 4×4 that has the same track as the 74 Kombi. The Lauda Niva or Suzuki Jimney might fit the bill! Buy this 4×4 and transplant the whole 4×4 system into your bus. That would be the best and cheapest option. If you are going to all that trouble, go for a 4×4 with low range and not the soft roader set-up(eg: BMG X3 or Renault Duster AWD). A lot of 4x4s these days have independent front suspension so the front track can easily be adjusted to match the Kombi – change drive shaft lengths. Almost every 4X4 uses a solid rear axil and matching this diff’s track to the Kombi’s can get expensive – most cases the rear track will be too wide. You could flare the rear arches and use zero or negative offset rims. Then you can’t rotate tyre front to rear and if going serious off-roading (overlanding) you’d have to carry two spares – with the different off-sets.

    I’d be keen to hear if you are still busy with this project or if everyone has told you to just buy a station wagon type 4×4 – eg Toyota Landcruiser. I just think it would be kind of cool and unique to drive a 74 Kombi with 4×4. Another thing I suggest is to go for a diesel (turbo) and manual (not essential)!

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