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Fitting a fridge in a a Merc ML 63

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  • AnonymousInactive

    I have a Mercedes ML 63 AMG 2009 model and I would now like to use it more in off-road conditions, like Botswana. I don’t intend to do mountain climbing with this vehicle, just good off-road riding.

    I would like to fit a fridge (20 litre) and have had various conflicting reports about the capacity of the battery required. Everyone I have spoken to has a different solution with every solution being more expensive than the previous solution. I believe space is very limited in fitting a large battery. Must it therefore free stand in the rear somewhere?

    Are there a few of the readers able to comment or assist in the best way forward with these and other tips or solutions to these issues.

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous on

    Hi there, I dont know how technically orientated. I can give you some pointers. Most cars today dont leave much room for fitting extras under the bonnet anymore. You need to run a power cable via fuse ( red black of about 10mm sq.) to rear where you want to have you second battery. Make sure you route cable properly and avoid sharp edges and not under vehicle as stones kicked up can damage cable. In the rear mount a Brad Harrison (or equivalent) in a area where it will be out the way. Under the bonnet you will need an isolator controller that isolates your batteries when camping (so fridge does not drain main battery) There are various isolator units available from various suppliers ( I had no luck with them and designed a unit that bring second battery in after 3-5 minutes) The battery box can go in the back with a cable to Brad Harrison connector. On the box you can fit another socket/connector that will carry the current for your fridge. NOW the trick is how long will your fridge run on second battery depends on what battery you fit. Small battery means short time so a reasonable battery size is recommended and needs to be a deep cycle battery. As you will be using the battery while camping it will run down, thus you need also to fit a unit that disconnect fridge when battery gets to state where it could get damaged due to discharge. Deep cycle batteries have the ability to withstand deep discharges but its not recommendable. Should you go with doing this all yourself, you have then knowledge should anything happen while in the bush with your installation, I hope this is enlightening. Good luck

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