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Off-road tyres for a Merc ML 63

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    I have a Mercedes ML 63 AMG 2009 model and I would now like to use it more in off-road conditions, like Botswana. I don’t intend to do mountain climbing with this vehicle, just good off-road riding.

    I have the low profile street tyres on and I would like to fit off-road tyres for the time I would use it across the border and then re-fit the street tyres once I return to tarmac. I am prepared to purchase rims for this purpose. Another problem I have encountered is that the vehicle has an ’emergency spare’ tyre which is located in the recessed rear load box area. If there is a puncture and the wheel cannot be repaired on the side of the road, what does a person do with the wheel as it will not fit into the recess of the where the emergency tyre is housed?

    Are there a few of the readers able to comment or assist in the best way forward with these and other tips or solutions to these issues.

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    Hi Howie, Put on other rims on your Merc will work, now the option is what size. If you go with a smaller diameter rime you will be limited by the size sim that does not interfere with the brake calipers and also check that your wheel nuts/bolts are also compatible. You then can go with a tyre that comes to same diameter as your low profiles.
    As for carrying a spare you have a number of options. You could have a spare wheel carrier mounted to rear bumper mountings, for this you will need a hole in the bumper for it to come out. Secondly you could get a unit that fits to towbar as an option. Thirdly you could fit a roof rack to the vehicle where the spare can be mounted on. The plus if you do this, you could also fit jerry cans for extra fuel etc. It adds to storage space for goods taken with on the trip. The last option is iof you are to take a trailer with you, make sure that trailer uses the same size rim/tyre arrangement, then you can use the spare on the trailer if needed and possibly mount a second spare on the trailer, The alleviates modifying you vehicle and can revert back to normal when back home again. Hope this helps and enjoy your travels 🙂

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