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Product Profile: Road Rage Off-Road Series Wheels


The Road Rage Off-Road Series Wheels range was first introduced to South Africa 11 years ago by passionate 4×4 enthusiast Willie Randles. These stylish aftermarket wheels for the off-road enthusiast are distributed by WR Off-Road Industries.

Beyond just looking good, this quality range of wheels are cast to the highest standard to ensure they can take the abuse of a heavily loaded overlander, whether negotiating the sand roads of the Namib or jolting through Joburg’s biggest potholes.

Made from aluminium and available in diameters from 16- to 20-inches, they are designed to take the hard knocks and the rigours of overlanding. They are designed with an extra thick bead, which is there to prevent tyres from debeading even when deflated. And, compared to many other aftermarket wheels out there, they have high load ratings – exactly what is needed when a vehicle is heavily loaded.

Three of the best

Road Rage’s most popular wheel, the RRC1, comes in four different finishes: matte black machined, matte black, gunmetal machined and silver machined. This style is available in sizes 16-17-inch and is suitable for all Toyota Land Cruiser models, plus the Hilux, Fortuner and Prado, as well as the Wrangler and Ranger/BT-50. Thanks to their 2 200lb load rating (1 000kg), these wheels are perfect for heavily loaded vehicles weighing up to four tonnes.

The second wheel that Road Rage makes is perhaps the most unique in the market for its customisable design. Available for the Cruiser 70/200 Series and a wide range of one-tonne bakkies, the RRC2 has a blade-like design with interchangeable styling panels on the spokes. This allows you to choose whatever colour you please to suit your tastes. The RRC 2 design is even hardier than the RRC 1, with a massive 3 000lb (1 360kg) load rating per wheel. It is available in either 18×9-inch or 20×9-inch for an extremely aggressive stance.

The third and most recent wheel development is the RRC3, which also has a 3 000lb/1 360kg load rating. Though the latest in the line-up, this wheel is available for the widest range of 4x4s, including Cruiser models and most popular modern bakkies. Available in 17-, 18- and 20-inch sizes, there should be an option to suit your taste and vehicle.

Whats in a wheel?

Setting themselves apart from many other manufacturers, Road Rage specialises in 4×4 wheels, which are designed to take punishment. Along with the strengthened bead, a key element of the Road Rage design ethos is the inboard spokes that do not protrude, keeping them away from rocky or sandy terrain and the inevitable kerbstones. This helps reduce the danger of expensive and unsightly rim scratches.

All wheels are designed and manufactured in-house and remain vehicle specific no matter what model you choose. What this means is that each wheel is designed with a vehicle-specific centre bore, negating the need for spigot rings. This design ensures a perfect fit every time and makes for a perfectly balanced wheel.

Being vehicle specific, each wheel has the correct offset to fit flush with your vehicle’s bodywork, improving safety and enhancing the looks. To achieve both good looks and the necessity to clear the large brake calipers of most modern 4x4s, Road Rage wheels feature a slightly conical design on the inside of the wheel, allowing even the smaller sizes to fit modern rigs.

The RRC2 and RRC3 wheels are registered designs, protected by copyright. However the RRC1 was not registered before distribution started, so a copy has reached the market. Be very careful when purchasing to check that the wheel is branded Road Rage.

One last thing, with over 3 000 Road Rage Off-Road Series wheels in stock, expect the quickest service around.


  • Load rating: Make sure the load rating of your wheel exceeds the weight placed on it at each corner of your vehicle. If your vehicle’s loaded mass is too close to your wheel’s load rating, the stresses of off-road driving may break the wheel.
  • Protruding spokes: Some wheels have spokes that protrude outwards. You may think this looks cool, but the spokes will quickly get curbed, scratched and stone-chipped.
  • Centre bore specific: Having a specific centre bore negates the need for a spigot ring to make the wheels fit properly. The lack of a spigot ring means the wheels will never vibrate and the balancing will always be spot-on.
  • Discreet valve mount: If your valve protrudes too far, it may come into contact with the terrain and be torn off or damaged. Road Rage wheels have a discreet valve mount to prevent this from happening.

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