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Product Review: Jurgens XT 65 Trailer


A lot of 4×4 holidays don’t demand a large, heavy, robust trailer − and, of course, one of these investments would also demand a lot of garage or carport real estate. Equally true is that (for most families) a small luggage trailer just won’t cut it for hauling all the chairs, tables, cookers, tents and clobber that is piled up on the driveway before departure.

So, here is the middle ground. The XT 65 is the smallest in the Jurgens XT off-road trailer range, which stretches up to the XT 75, XT 120, XT 140 and XT 160 – each with more space, more equipment and a bigger price tag. The XT 65 comes in at R26 960, to which you would add R4000 for the braked version.

The XT 65 is commendably light at a tare mass of 346kg, but offers masses of space: 1460 litres in the main body, and another 266 litres in the nose cone.

The lid is lifted by two gas struts, and it a wide tailgate, as well as a side door (which faces the inside of the tent) for easy access to the trailer’s interior when opening the lid is not feasible.

All the openings are equipped with lockable latches – flush fitting for the doors; and robust, powder-coated hinges are part of the build.

It is equipped with 14-inch wheels, which are not serious offroad items but still offer a credible ground clearance of 272mm. Chassis reinforcement beefs things up along the length of the unit. The suspension is of the independent rubber torsion type which is lightweight, well-proven for lighter duties and rated for an axle capacity of 1600kg – way beyond the GVM of the unit. As this is at 650kg, you can load up with at least 200kg before you reach legal capacity.