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Camping shower





The Ironman 4×4 Eco Pressure Shower isn’t your typical camp shower. There is no electricity needed, no need to hang it overhead and it provides good pressure. The Eco-Pressure shower is driven by pressurising the 12-litre bladder using a dual chamber pump providing stable water pressure. The foot operated pump pressurises the shower quickly and easily.

The easy one-handed operation provides plenty of freedom in how it’s used and its applications aren’t just limited to showering. It’s perfect for use camping on the beach, hiking, cycling, rinsing the 4×4 and washing the dog.

The shower head features a trigger to ensure water is only flowing out when you want it to – maximising water economy.

Made from strong and hard wearing TPU material the Eco Pressure shower can handle water temperatures up to 50°C – perfect for a nice hot shower or warm water to use for washing dishes. The included anti-kink hose will ensure consistent flow and fuss-free use.

The compact carry case has drainage holes for any residual water for when it's not in use and allows the shower to pack up to a very compact form that’s well protected.


  • Easy operation
  • Strong and hard wearing TPU material
  • Can handle water temperatures up to 50° C
  • Holds up to 12 litres of water
  • Holds stable water pressure for up to 6 minutes
  • Does not require an electricity source
  • Can be used to heat water using the heat from the sun
  • Included carry case has drainage holes for any residual water
  • Can be used for camping, beach, hiking, cycling, rinsing the 4×4 and washing the dog
  •  Foot pump creates water pressure
  • Dual chambered bladder pump
  • Compact pack down design
  • Heavy-duty plastic welds
  • Anti-kink hos
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