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Curaprox oral travel kit



Undoubtedly, the joys of traveling are unparalleled. However, the inconvenience of maintaining oral freshness often arises when your toothbrush is stowed away in a luggage bag during a flight or when you’re unable to halt your journey while off-roading or towing a caravan. 

This predicament begs the question: Isn’t there a simpler way to ensure optimal oral health on the go?

Now there is! With the new Curaprox travel set ideal for on the go!

No matter if you’re setting off on a camping expedition, exploring rugged off-road terrain, or embracing the excitement of overlanding, or even if you find yourself in need of a quick breath freshener before an important meeting after a plane journey, the Curaprox travel set is your ultimate companion that can easily be carried in your hand luggage with it being only 8.5cm in length &  5.5cm in width.

The Curaprox Travel set has a two-piece version of Curaprox renowned CS 5460 toothbrush. The toothbrush as well as inter dental  bursh handles are reusable, allowing you to easily replace the brush head and toothpaste, reducing waste and enhancing your travel experience!

This travel kit also includes a gentle whitening Be You 10 ml toothpaste, accompanied by an extra inter dental brush for your convenience. What’s more, all the toothpaste included in these travel kits are vegan-friendly and available in six zesty flavours, aligning with your ethical choices.  Be You toothpaste flavours include: Grapefruit, Blackberry, Peach, Watermelon, Gin & Tonic, and Apple.

Curaprox is offering an exclusive discount code to our viewers.  Use OUTDOORS23 to receive a 10% discount when shopping online at Offer is valid: 1 July 2023 – 30 June 2024.  One offer per customer.

For more information, availability, pricing or any other enquiries, kindly fill in the enquiry form below and one of the members of Curaprox will get back to you. 

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