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Exciting new Airmax Air Helper kits now available for 4×4 enthusiasts



Three new Airmax Air Helper kits available from the Air Spring Supply Company

Airmax Air Helper suspension kits use Firestone air springs and have long been a popular option for drivers who want extra support for payload. Once installed, the Firestone air springs can be adjusted to meet the demands of a given load.

Adjustments for more or less pressure are made via air lines that extend from the Firestone air springs to the rear of the vehicle in manual/basic setups. If you only tow a few times a year, this is a cost-effective solution. If you are regularly hauling heavy loads or towing a camper, trailer, caravan or boat, Air Spring Supply recommends using an on-board air compressor system.

The video below showcases Airmax’s all-new Air Helper Kits and also how it works when you have a payload

Air springs require a minimum air pressure at all times, typically 0.35 bar depending on the specific part and when unladen to prevent them from damage. You now have air at your fingertips and the ability to monitor the pressure at all times.

The Airmax team are proud to announce that they have developed and tested three new vehicle kits for the South African market. The GWM P series, Isuzu D-max 2021 onwards and the new Ford Everest 2023 onwards.

There are two air helper kit options available, Firestone which comes standard in all Airmax air helper kits and is supplied with a limited life time warranty on the air springs and the Value line air helper kit option which is fitted with an aftermarket air spring and is supplied with a one-year unlimited milage warranty on their air springs.

If you are looking for more information on options, pricing or any expert advice, kindly fill in the enquiry form below and a trusted member from the Air Spring Supply Company will contact you.

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