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Ford Ranger Raptor Air Suspension and Spare Wheel Inflation Kit special



The Raptor’s race-bred suspension has been specifically crafted to tackle fearsome terrain at high-speed while remaining in complete control and comfort. But, when towing your boat or caravan and loading up for a local or cross border trip, the rear suspension tends to sag when laden.

The Air Spring Supply Company were the first to tackle this issue with Fox South Africa and developed the first rear air helper kit which has been exported to countries such as Sweden. The kit uses two extra length air springs to accommodate the increased stroke and is fitted with a single inflation valve to allow for air transfer when articulating.

When purchasing a Ford Ranger Raptor air suspension kit from the Air Spring Supply Company through the SA 4×4 website enquiry system between the months of April and June 2022, you will receive a free Airmax spare wheel tyre inflator kit.

The air pressure in your spare wheel should be checked regularly to ensure that when it needs to be used, it is inflated correctly to the manufacturer’s specification. We all know how difficult it is to ensure the pressure is correct in the spare tyre.

The Airmax spare wheel tyre inflator kit is one of the most useful accessories to have. The one side is attached to the wheel and the other to the body of the vehicle. This allows you to check the pressure or fill air into the tyre without having to remove the spare wheel from the vehicle.

For more information or to order your Ranger Raptor Airmax Air Helper Spring Kit & spare tyre inflator, simply fill in the enquiry form below and they will get hold of you with all the pricing and fitment details you need.
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