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Gremeltech – Viair 88P and 400P air compressors



Going off-road? One of the most important pieces of kit to accompany on your adventures is a compressor. Off-roading usually requires deflating tyres and also increases the likelihood of punctures due to the rougher terrain and sharp rocky outcrops. Gremeltech has a wide range of compressors ranging from the inexpensive to the more expensive heavy duty units. A compressor can easily be housed behind the driver’s zeat for quick access when required. When you’ve finished your off-road challenges, use the compressor to pump your tyres to the correct on-road pressure.

When it comes to tyre compressors, the one brand that will give you the longevity and performance you would expect from a premium brand is the VIAIR range of portable compressors. These two easily portable and popular compressors include the entry level VIAIR 88P and the high-end VIAIR 400P.

The 88P compressor will provide you with a 25 minute duty cycle at 30PSI with a max working pressure of 120PSI. These are ideal compressors  for both 4×4 enthusiasts and a great, compact solution for your passenger vehicles. The 400P is for the more serious 4×4 enthusiasts and will give you high performance with a 33% duty cycle at 100PSI and a max working pressure of 150PSI. Both of these TOP SELLERS are available through the enquiry form below.

Check out the video below which highlights the Gremetech range of compressors


To find a Gremeltech compressor suitable for your 4×4, kindly complete the enquiry form below, and a member of the Gremeltech team shall respond to your query with pricing, online ordering or finding a model that is best suited for you needs. Simply let them know which make and model vehicle you have and if possible, the current tyre profile. Remember, customers who place their orders online often get better pricing than the in-store options.

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