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Lumeno LED 60W COB Telescopic Campsite & Fishing Light



This week we got to test out the brand new 60w LED telescopic campsite and  fishing rod light from Lumeno LED. And what a cool piece of kit this is! Energy efficient, portable, easy to use and best of all it has both a 12v cigarette adapter and crocodile clips for 12 volt operation. It is perfect for a whole host of outdoor activities such as night braais, fishing or setting up your campsite in the dark. Not to mention the benefits of its wireless operation which can easily be used to scare both two and four legged predators away from your campsite, from the comfort of your 4×4’s rooftop tent or your caravan. We really can’t compliment this product enough, and we thoroughly enjoyed testing it!



Luckily for us, its proved to be a vital accessory during load shedding too, as it will very easily light up your whole living room/kitchen and patio area when Eish-kom decides to pull the plug. In addition to this, the COB light can be used in an array of functions as you can easily set the brightness from 25% capacity, to 50% capacity and to 100% ( which feels like the full power of the sun!).

When this telescopic light is fully extended, it easily illuminates  an area of about 40-50 square metres at 100% operation. Plus, the easy to use remote control has a range of about 26 metres, offering 13 different functions and presets. These functions can be used  to vary the amount of light you need, and the type of light you need. COB stands for Chip on Board, and is one of the latest technical and lighting advancements throughout the world. This means that the groups of LEDS are packaged together on the circuit board for a slimmer look and feel, but also for a much brighter and improved light with an increased lamp life and Lumen output.


What’s in the sturdy bump/shock proof Lumeno COB Light carry case?
• 2 dual colour lamp boards
• Battery clips
• 5 metre connecting wire
• Cigarette lighter jack
• Remote control (operates up to 25 metres)
• Dual colour remote control
• Telescopic rod with tripod length: 2.6 metres (excluding light panels)


This multi-function outdoor camping light from Lumeno is the ideal outdoor camping light and a good companion to take on any trip. It’ll quickly become one of those essential items to take on your adventures. Its high lumen rating and energy saving compliance make it environmentally friendly too. The DC socket has an LED power indicator and the unit has twist and lock waterproof connectors on all the cables.



Case measurements: 77cm length x 16cm width x 8cm height
LED light panels x 2: 21cm x 13.5cm
Telescopic pole length: approx 2.6 metres


We tested the Lumeno COB LED light on a recent trip and it quickly became our go-to accessory, lighting a large lapa with ease and assisting during our night fishing forays on the river bank.


For more information or to order your 60w COB light from LumenoLED, simply fill in the enquiry form below and a member of their team will get hold of you regarding pricing, technical information and online delivery options.

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