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OSRAM BATTERY Start 200 Lithium Cobalt jump starter/power bank



The OSRAM Battery Start 200 is a powerful 6000mAH Lithium Cobalt jump starter for 12V vehicles with engine sizes up to 3 litres. It can also provide power for other electronic devices via the USB port. Using the OSRAM Battery Start 200 will make light work of jump-starting your car.

The Battery Start 200 protects the user, jump starter and the vehicle with its connect system which features anti-spike, reverse polarity and short circuit protection.

Benefits of the OSRAM BATTERY Start 200
Can be used on up to 3L petrol engines
Fast charging USB port
Intelligent terminals
Several safety precautions
LED flashlight
Compact design for easy storage
Durable carry case
Power bank function with fast charging USB socket
Fast 2-hour charging time
Micro USB charging cable included
Reverse polarity, short-circuit and over-voltage protection
Integrated LED torch
2 Year Guarantee

Have a look at the short video below as we use the OSRAM BATTERY Start 200 Lithium Cobalt jump starter/power bank to start a vehicle with a flat battery.

The OSRAM Battery Start 200 is a compact lithium starting aid which is easy to transport and compact to store. It is a 6000mAh battery for small to medium-sized cars, 4x4s, off-road vehicles and delivery vans with engine capacities up to 3L for petrol engines.

This power bank functions with a fast charging USB-socket and devices can be charged on the go. The Battery Start 200 takes 2 hours to charge.

For more information on the the OSRAM Battery Start 200, 300 & 400 Lithium Cobalt   jump starter range, simply fill in the enquiry form below and their trained staff will get back to you with pricing and availability.
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