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Rentech’s PPS750 lithium-ion portable power supply



Experience power on the go with the new lightweight (only 7,5kg) and compact solar PPS750 Portable Power Supply from Rentech. With its advanced Lithium-Ion battery technology and high energy density, the PPS750 provides a powerful but lightweight energy solution. Critical for powering your campsite, caravan or off-grid living.

Lithium-Ion battery power

The PPS750 portable power station has a 786Wh Lithium-Ion battery capacity with a 500W pure sine wave inverter, capable of dealing 2500W surge power, making it ideal for use with sensitive electronics such as laptops, lights, fridges, drones, cell phones and even TV’s! And that’s just for 4×4 applications.

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With this ingenious and cost effective power bank, now you can also power most of your home appliances too, before the next bout of load shedding comes knocking at your door. Anything more than 500W such as kettles, hairdryers, toasters and large combo fridge/freezers can’t run on the 500W inverter system. But most appliances like TV, wifi, laptop, DSTV and small bar fridges can.

Multiple output ports

The PPS750 features 3 outlet types including AC, DC and USB connection points. Power most of your equipment and electronic devices, like TV’s, DSTV, computers, WIFI, printers, smartphones, tablets, LED lights, mini fridges, camping gear, and even power tools up to 500W.

Perfect backup power solution

The PPS750 is completely silent and emission free, making it not only perfect for outdoor use, but for indoor use as well as backup power during unplanned power outages or load-shedding.

Weather – and waterproof

The PPS750 is a portable power solution developed to supply reliable power in all types of situations, even outdoor in extreme weather conditions. With its compact and rugged construction, the PPS750 offers reliable performance in the harshest conditions. Its sturdy handle makes it easy to carry and use in places without access to fixed power outlets.

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Recharge on the go and explore

The PPS750 can be fully re-charged 3 ways via AC, DC or solar power. Solar charging time is 6-7 hours. Remote charging via optional solar panel (125w max.) or via your 12V car port car makes it ideal for your off-road and camping trips. It can also be charged using standard AC wall charging. AC wall charging time 7 -10 hours. Both 12V car and Solar PV charger cables are included, as well as a SA adapter plug, adding great value. A multi-mode built in LED flashlight with an emergency flash and SOS signal is also one of the PPS750’s many features.

Lightweight and compact

The PPS750 is just the right size as it’s small enough to fit behind the driver’s seat footwell or car boot. The product dimensions are (l) 349 x (w) 160 x (h) 285mm. It fits perfectly in between the larger less portable, and much more expensive, power stations and the smaller, still expensive and less practical options on the market. Whether there is an emergency, or you are planning to go off-grid this very versatile PPS750 is just the portable power system you need.

Technical specifications and product Information

  • 786Wh Lithium Ion Battery
  • 500W pure sine wave inverter
  • 2500W Surge Power
  • 3X USB Ports
  • 2X 12V DC Port
  • 1X 12V Carport
  • 2x AC ports and includes SA adapter plug
  • LCD Display
  • Net Weight: 7,5kg
  • Dimensions (L X W X H): 349 x 160 x 285mm
  • AC wall charging (7-10 hours) and from 120W solar panel (6-7 hours) solar panels sold separately
  • Weather and waterproof
  • Built-in solar charge controller
  • LED Light: Built in flashlight with emergency flash and SOS signal
  • 18-month warranty

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