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STEDI Type-X® Pro Edition spotlights



4X Light reckons that the STEDI Type-X® Pro Edition spotlights pretty much redefine the auxiliary driving light industry. The company claims levels of light output and reliability that surpass other manufacturers, thanks in part to a specially-developed beam pattern. With a range of up to 1.155km, these are some seriously potent lights.

1.155km beam throw

Using the latest optic simulation modeling, the reflector geometry was tweaked over and over again to achieve a highly functional beam pattern.  No doubt the attention grabber is the unrelenting beam distance of 1.155km, however, the real strength of the Type-X™ PRO is in mid to long-range light distribution that really sets it apart. An astonishing beam throw coupled with a homogeneous wide beam will have you insist on driving only when the sun’s down.

Your lights your way

Pink? Green? Blue? Orange? Grey or all Black? The choice is yours. We’ve designed the inner ring fasteners to be independent of the main sealing structure, allowing you to change the color that best suits you. We’ve included grey and orange in the kit to get you started, or if you prefer all black, simply don’t fit any ring at all.  Our colored filters and iconic STEDI smile covers are backward compatible too. Additional colors sold separately.

A wolf in wolf’s clothing

Forget folded steel brackets 3mm 4mm or 5mm it’s all yesterday’s news. Type-X™ PRO is all about pushing boundaries, the bracket system is a 10mm thick high-pressure die-cast aluminum marvel of engineering. Ribbed in all the right places to ensure no vibration and no prospect for fatigue. Our Type-X™ PRO bracket was designed to withstand extreme and prolonged corrugations time and time again. True to STEDI’s signature design principles we’ve added brushed stainless steel shoulder plates, which will look just as comfortable on a tricked out 70 series as it will be mounted to a PRO race buggy.

Always on cutting edge

Cutting edge performance starts with cutting-edge LED technology. To achieve genuine category-leading performance our Type-X™ Pro is equipped with 37 x Oslon High-Flux LEDs, selected for having the #1 highest lumen density per mm2 of any other comparable LED on the market. Compared to the two other leading spotlights brand’s similar offerings, the LEDs used in Type-X™ PRO have + 23% and +42% higher lumen density per mm2 in comparison. The net result is higher net light volume and unrivaled beam throw.

The hard-coated optical grade lens shares the same DNA as ballistic glass making it virtually indestructible. A UV stabilizer has also been added to ensure our lenses truly withstand the test of time with no discoloring or UV degradation. This has allowed us to do away with any secondary lens covers or filters which are known to significantly reduce light transmission.

Iconic performance

Using the latest optic simulation modeling, the reflector geometry was tweaked over and over again to achieve a highly usable beam pattern.  No doubt the attention grabber is the unrelenting beam distance of 1,155m (tested in pairs, combo beam), however, the real strength of the Type-X™ PRO is in mid to long light distribution that really sets it apart.

The key focus was on driver confidence, by increasing the beam throw the driver has longer analysis time. We maximized driver comfort by smoothing out the beam eliminating shadows. We reduced the light wasted in unimportant zones like treetops and immediately in front of the vehicle. The result is a homogeneous, unrelenting beam that will support you well in any adventure.

Unlike their competitors, each Type-X™ PRO lamp has 6 built-in flood reflectors for improved light distribution out into the road shoulders. The built-in wide-beam reflector eliminates the need to add any wide beam covers, which are not only less efficient at distributing light, covers also withhold valuable light transmission.


  • LED: 37 x Oslon High-Flux LED
  • RAW LUMENS: 26,270 (Pair)
  • TESTED LUMENS: 15,870 (Pair)
  • AMP DRAW: 10.4A @ 13.2v (each)
  • POWER DRAW: 137W
  • 1,334,025cd
  • BEAM PATTERN: 6 x Spread 31 x Pencil Beam
  • INGRESS PROTECTION: IP68 | Submersible up to 3m
  • COLOUR TEMP (CCT): 5700K
  • WEIGHT: 2.860kg (each)

Photometric data

  • 10 M: 13,340 Lx
  • 50 M: 533 Lx
  • 200 M: 33 Lx
  • 300 M: 14 Lx
  • 400 M: 8 Lx
  • 1,000 M: 1.3 Lx
  • 1,155 M: 1 Lx

What’s in the box

  • 2 x STEDI Type-X PRO LED Driving Lights
  • 2 x Protective STEDI Black Out Covers
  • 2 x Grey Colour Rings
  • 2 x Orange Coloured Rings
  • 1 x Smart High Beam Wiring Harness DTP-2 Sealed Connectors, H4, HB3 adapter plugs to high beam. 60A Relay, Fuse, Switch
  • Complete Stainless Steel fastener kit.
  • Wiring & Fitting Instructions

For more information, pricing or to simply order your very own set of STEDI Type-X® Pro Edition spotlights, kindly fill in the enquiry form below and a member of the 4X Light team will get back to you for online ordering!

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