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Ti Systems 4×4 compressors



With the Ti Systems range of 12 volt compressors that produce anything from 8 to 10 bars of pressure, you are never going to be caught out in the bush with a flat tyre.

FJ Cruiser under bonnet compressor installation

Simply plug the puncture, use the Ti Systems industrial compressor to inflate the repaired off-road tyre and away you go! What’s more, it is always advisable to deflate your tyres when driving in thick sand but once you reach hard ground you will need to inflate your tyres, and then there’s no better time to use your Ti Systems compressor. Their range of compressors is ideally suited to off-road, 4×4 and overland expeditions.

You need a good compressor for all your off-road needs 

The Ti compressors are extremely tough and reliable with high flow rates, high duty cycles and are extensively used in military vehicles. These Italian compressors outperform and outlast the best in the market.

These heavy-duty industrial grade compressors also run cooler than others and can easily be installed under or behind a car seat. They are even robust enough to be installed under the car bonnet. The included bracket allows for easy installation, in any flat, upright, sideways or other position.

Under seat compressor installation

Available compressor models:

450Watt, 90 litre/min single cylinder

500Watt, 180 litre/min twin cylinder

600Watt, 235 litre/min twin cylinder

Compressor installation behind Land Cruiser seat 

For more information on the robust heavy duty industrial grade compressors offered by Ti Systems, simply complete the enquiry form below. A qualified member of the Ti Systems team will get hold of you to discuss pricing, delivery and a compressor model best suited to your 4×4 and overlanding needs.

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