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Trac-Grabber recovery gear



Trac-Grabber prides itself on manufacturing the very best “Get Unstuck” traction device available. It is a simple, rugged, and economical traction aid that quickly and easily attaches to the wheels of a vehicle.

With the Trac-Grabbers securely strapped to the wheels, the wheels simply spin to the point where the Trac-Grabbers engage, lift, grab and move your vehicle back to stable terrain. Unlike other “get unstuck” devices, Trac-Grabber is a patented product that attaches to the wheels of a vehicle providing continuous traction for as long as it takes to get back to safety.

“Don’t let mud and sand put a dampener on your outdoor adventures, and don’t let your loved ones be stranded and at the mercy of a complete stranger who may stop to ‘help”. Be prepared with Trac-Grabbers to rescue yourself.

Trac-Grabber Traction Device:

Trac-Grabber is manufactured from rugged EPDM rubber.

• Revolutionary way to quickly and single-handedly get your vehicle unstuck
• Securely attaches to the drive wheels
• Quick and easy to install for men and women
• Uses the vehicle’s own power to “GET UNSTUCK”
• Sold in sets of 2 Trac-Grabbers

Recommended for:

* Tires with a max “Girth” of 40”. Girth is the measurement through your wheel and around the tire as a Trac-Grabber would be installed. For a girth greater than 40” the Oversize XL model is required.

While some situations may only require a single set of Trac-Grabbers to be installed, one on each Drive Wheel is best for the most extreme situations.

Note: Trac-Grabbers should be installed on each drive wheel rather than installing multiple on one wheel.

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