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Unichip specialized kit for 300 Series Land Cruiser



Whist developing the specialized Unichip tuning kits for the new 300 Series Land Cruiser versions some interesting coincidences appeared. Celebrating 30 years of tuning innovation, Dastek’s Unichip team got to Toyota application schematic number 300, just in time for the 300 Series. So the big 30 and the big 300 is an interesting celebration. (Toyota nr1 application drawing was a 4.5L Land Cruiser pick-up developed in the 1990’s)

The new 300 Series is an amazing vehicle in its own right, both petrol (V35A-FTS) and diesel (F33A-FTV) versions. Dastek had the opportunity to develop both Unichip kits at the same time. Initial testing showed some good standard numbers on both vehicles although a slight sluggish point at low RPM on the diesel version was a drivability improvement possibility that Dastek focussed on.

As seen in the dynamometer report the improvement on the diesel version was great, not only was Dastek able to improve the power delivery across the range but the power is smoothed out throughout the RPM range. This remarkable improvement was achieved whilst keeping the boost and mixtures at a very conservative level. With the latest Unichip X+ map selection is done from the vehicle’s “Driving Mode” selection switch. When you select ECO in the vehicle the Unichip will move into an ECO map, this is still an improvement from the standard power but ensures calm gear changes. Selecting Sport on the switch will move the Unichip into the more responsive Power map with crisp throttle response.

The petrol version yielded some eye watering numbers on the dynamometer but the feel on the road was even better, with a planted foot it’s impressive but once you calm down and revert to normal driving the cruising ability is the game changer.

Again the driving mode selection is added so that you can truly select your “driving mood”.

A lot has been said about multi maps or different stages of tune, the truth is that an optimally tuned engine is optimally tuned. This is an absolute truth when it comes to a normally aspirated petrol engine, you can create a map (or perfect recipe) with the Unichip that is spot on and cannot be improved. The way the abovementioned multi-maps are developed for the 300 Series is to always have an optimal tuning setup, the way the engine and gearbox reacts to throttle input is manipulated to give you the different modes. This is what the manufacturers also do with the addition of these functions in late model vehicles.

The Unichip improvements on the 300 Series is always protected by Unichip’s unique temperature and timer functions. Temperature functions allows extra power when the vehicle is running at the optimal temperatures. Timer functions allows a burst of extra power when needed but for a short time (VW called this an “over-boost” function on the 3.0 Amarok, Unichip has had this ability for many years).

Unichip provides safe, optimal power for your 300 Series and some other functions like intelligent anti-theft solutions.

For more information, pricing or availabilty on the Unichip specialized kit for 300 Series Land Cruiser , kindly fill in the enquiry form below and a trusted member of Dastek will get back to you online.

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