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Woden 4×4 Electric Side Steps



It’s no secret that most true overland adventurers end up raising their suspension for increased departure angles when rock crawling or hill climbing. However, once your suspension has been raised, ask yourself this – how do your wife, kids or even yourself enter the vehicle if its stands more than 600mm off the ground?


The Woden electric side steps are designed to benefit your comfort and ease when entering or exiting your overland vehicle of choice. At the push of a button, or “auto-magically” appearing on their own, two side rails unfold from your vehicles under carriage to aid all passengers (and the driver) to get in, or out, of the vehicle.

The side steps are powered by 12V electric motors on each side. Their deployment is activated by the vehicle remote control, or by opening any of the doors. Only the step on the side that the door is opened is a deployed. Deployment time is approximately 1.25 seconds.

Woden side steps are manufactured using aluminium and the hinges are cast in steel. Most of the steps function using 3 hinges on either side. This facilitates the even spread of load of up to 300kg across the length of the steps. Installation is simple and generally requires no drilling to mount the brackets that carry the hinges. The electrical components are all “plug and play” making it simple. The motors have an IP68 rating ensuring their operation in wet conditions.

The steps have their own stand-alone OBD computer giving them their “smart” capabilities. Key to their safe operation is an anti-pinch function which prevents the steps from closing on objects caught between the step and the vehicle bodywork.

This product has a 2-year warranty and the manufacturing facility is ISO/TS 16949 approved.


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