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WORX cordless angle grinders



Introducing one of the lightest and most powerful cordless angle grinders in the world, the WORX 20-volt 125mm grinder. Equipped with the latest brushless technology, this grinder features a durable motor with up to 10 times the service life of brushed machines, ensuring long-lasting performance.

The new WORX WX812 cordless angle grinder motor will run 40 percent longer; with 80 percent more power than conventional brushed cordless angle grinders. Weighing in at just 1.6 kilograms, this is one of the world’s lightest 125 mm angle grinders.

Light, comfortable, cordless power tools make working and handling better to the users this means reduced strain and more comfortable. The WORX cordless grinder makes it easier for you, especially when cutting and grinding angles, shapes, profiles, working in confined spaces and using it for prolonged periods.

Add more power and longer motor life to it and you have a winner, enter the WORX WX812With a cutting depth of 35 mm, the new cordless angle grinder cuts as many roof tiles as the larger angle grinders in one cut but is only half as heavy. For the user, this means that the low weight and optimal ergonomics of the slim-body design of the tool make even demanding work much easier. Another feature is the short design, the user can always find a safe grip even in confined spaces.

The WORX cordless angle grinder is also equipped with electronic kickback protection technology that stops the cutting disc in seconds when the machine is switched off, and at full speed. Even if the blade pinches during cutting, the safety shutdown deactivates the motor and thus also reduces the kickback effect.

The tool-free quick adjustment of the protective device also provides safety and downtime, and the spindle lock button also makes it quick and easy to change the cutting disc.The 20V 4Ah battery on the angle grinder can be used with all WORX PowerShare Powertools, whether it’s in the workshop or the garden and even the Landroid robotic lawnmower. One battery fits all the WORX cordless range. There is also an option on more powerful battery packs.

Upgrade to the ultimate WORX cordless angel grinders today! For more information, pricing or availability, kindly fill in the enquiry form below and a trusted staff member from WORX will get back to you!

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