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September spring specials – 4×4 deals to write home about!


Tuinroete Camping & Caravans starts spring off with a variety of special deals on caravans, trailers, 4×4 accessories and more. It’s a one-stop-shop for new caravans, new trailers, pre-owned units, quality 4X4 accessories and camping equipment. Caravan brands such as Gypsey, Jurgens and Sprite are all the rage. Throw 4×4 luggage trailers, off-road trailers and luxurious camper trailers into the mix, plus their 4×4 fitment centre and workshop and you have all the reasons you need to make this dealership your only destination. Why would you want to shop anywhere else?

September is the month to take advantage of the huge discounts on offer – some up to as much as R50 000 on selected caravans. Imagine saving R30 000 on a new Jurgens Trooper X4, or R25 000 on a Trooper X2? How about saving R20 000 on a Jurgens Classique pre-owned caravan or R42 000 on a new Classique? These incredible deals are available only in September, so don’t miss out! All their Caravan deals and specials are listed at the bottom of this article.

Rad 4×4 Rig? No problem!

Don’t forget that Tuinroete pride itself in supplying a wide variety of 4X4 equipment such as bull bars, winches, pop-up tents, rooftop tents, trailer tents, compressors and refrigeration. They also stock outdoor cooking accessories, 4X4 lighting, bike carriers, camping chairs, tarps, covers, inverters and power packs, plus a variety of other essential 4×4 and off-road products. They are also an authorised fitment and repair centre for Jurgens and Howling Moon and they should be at the top of your list for all your off-road and overlanding needs. Chat to them about their solar range of accessories for your 4×4 adventures before the next wave of load shedding hits!

Use the enquiry form at the bottom of this article to ask them what specials they have for your 4×4.

Below are some of the custom modifications their Fitment centre has done recently.

Now is the perfect time to for you to trade in your old and tired caravan or trailer for something newer or even brand new. And, know that you can kit it out with all the accessories you please, as they are all available on-site. The qualified staff at Tuinroete Camping & Caravans will structure the perfect deal just for you and your budget. Just give them a call or complete this enquiry form below for anything you think you may need – They will have you covered!

It’s deal time at Tuinroete Woonwaens, and there are a variety of wonderful bargains to be had, while stocks last. Alternatively, visit their accessories centre and kit your 4X4 vehicle out with all those rugged accessories you’ve had your eye on for so long. Remember, Spring is here and summer is on the way! Just let them know what you need by using the enquiry form below– and they will respond.

This dealership has many years of trading under its belt and their steady flow of repeat business customers is testament to the quality service they afford each and every person who walks through their doors. Take our word for it as we have physically been there.

So don’t step over dollars to pick up pennies. Their expert advice could end up saving you thousands of Rands. Simply give them a shout to see how they can save you money or help you turn your old clanger into a serious off-road banger.

Kindly use the enquiry form below and we’ll attend to your message right away. If you prefer a leisurely chat with them at your own convenience, simply call 044 695 2602 during normal working hours.

If you know of someone who wants to kit their 4X4 vehicle out with new accessories shown in the pictures below or who desperately needs a caravan or trailer upgrade, please forward them a copy of this link. Alternatively, post it on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

Used Caravans for sale by
Tuinroete Camping & Caravans

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There are many bargains to choose from, while stocks last!

Original Price

September 2020 Special

You Save

New Caravans

Sprite Sprint Caravan R244 600 R219 900 R24 700
Sprite Swing Caravan R275 500 R247 900 R27 600
Sprite Splash Caravan R296 700 R266 900 R29 800
Jurgens Classique Caravan R422 300 R379 900 R42 400
Jurgens Penta Caravan R359 900 R323 900 R36 000
Jurgens Penta Demo Caravan R359 900 R309 900 R50 000
Jurgens Xplorer Off-road Caravan R400 100 R359 900 R40 200
Jurgens Xcape Off-road Caravan R349 900 R314 900 R35 000
Gypsey Lite Caravan R153 900 R139 900 R14 000
Gypsey Lite Impi Caravan R165 900 R149 900 R16 000
Sprite Tourer SW Gravel Road Caravan R324 400 R291 900 R32 500
Sprite Tourer SP Gravel Road Caravan R319 900 R287 900 R32 000

Pre-owned Caravans

Original Price

September 2020 Special

You Save

2006 Gypsey Regal Caravan R119 500 R107 550 R11 950
2005 Regal Blue Series Caravan R129 900 R119 900 R10 000
2007 Jurgens Xplorer Off-road Caravan R149 900 R139 900 R10 000
2008 Jurgens Xplorer Off-road Caravan R184 900 R174 900 R10 000
2013 Jurgens Penta Caravan R249 900 R239 900 R10 000
2015 Jurgens Penta Caravan R279 900 R269 900 R10 000
2015 Jurgens Xcape Off-road Caravan R189 900 R179 900 R10 000
2016 Jurgens Exclusive Caravan R359 900 R349 900 R10 000
2016 Jurgens Fleetline Caravan R239 900 R229 900 R10 000
2017 Jurgens Exclusive Deluxe Caravan R399 900 R389 900 R10 000
2017 Jurgens Exclusive Caravan R369 900 R359 900 R10 000
2017 Jurgens Xcape Off-road Caravan R249 900 R239 900 R10 000
2018 Jurgens Classique Caravan R399 900 R379 900 R20 000
2018 Sprite Splash Caravan R275 000 R265 000 R10 000
2018 Sprite Sprint Caravan R335 000 R325 000 R10 000
2018 Sprite Tourer SP Caravan R289 900 R279 900 R10 000
2015 Jurgens XT120 Off-Road Trailer R65 000 R55 000 R10 000
2017 Jurgens XT120 Off-Road Trailer R50 000 R40 000 R10 000

New Trailers

Original Price

September 2020 Special

You Save

2006 Gypsey Regal Caravan R119 500 R107 550 R11 950
Jurgens Trooper X2 Off-Road Trailer R270 600,00 R245 000,00 R25 600
Jurgens Trooper X4 Off-Road Trailer R311 200 R279 900,00 R31 300
Jurgens LT1500 Luggage Trailer R19 200 R19 200,00 R0

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