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SA4x4 Clinic got a technical query

Stubborn Colt


Qusetion by: Keith Atwell Answer by: Arnold VenterWhen travelling long distances – Cape Town to Johannesburg – my ‘02 Colt Trailbuster 2.4 SC refuses to start between stops – generally after four to five hours of driving.
If I try and start the vehicle the ignition light fades and a soft chattering noise can be heard from LHS footwell area. The engine starts immediately if I mechanically bridge the starter motor, or if the vehicle is left to stand for some time – less time is needed on cooler days.
To date, I’ve replaced the Colt’s battery and starter motor, but the problem persists.
Keith Atwell

Have the main engine relay replaced – you’ll find it in the fuse box housing within the engine bay. This relay controls the ECU and the fuel pump; the ticking noise is the ECU switching on and off due to the faulty relay. Our own Colt 2.4 delivery vehicle developed the same problem after clocking some 400 000 km.
Arnold Venter
CRD (4×4 fitment & repairs)
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