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Trail Review: Bivane 4×4 route

The Bivane 4×4 route is a 17km trail found within the Ithala Game Reserve in northern KwaZulu-Natal. We had made plans to review this route many times before, but (because we’d heard so little about this Ezemvelo KZN Wildlife-run game park,) we’d thought nothing of pushing it aside for more “favourable” trails each month.Words and images by Grant Spolander

Surely, if no one ever talks about a place, the chances are good that it has nothing worth writing about. Right? WRONG! Our first surprise was at Ithala’s entrance gate; they’ve got their very own petrol/diesel pump, which looks new.

The second surprise was the area itself. One often thinks of northern KZN as a lush green place, but this part of the province (about 69km from Vryheid) looked incredibly bushveldlike. The third surprise was the game reserve’s unbelievable diversity; not just in the way of flora and fauna, but of the landscape, too.

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