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Trail Review: Gecko Rock Private Nature Reserve


Rushing to get things done is never good, and when our freelance journo in KZN was minus a vehicle to do a trail review, the task was dumped on my desk. “Find somewhere beautiful you’ve never been to before, and have fun.” That was my brief. Yeah. Life is tough. I have been burned before, though − driven hundreds of kilometres, only to find a place that’s no more than a few gravel roads masquerading as a 4×4 destination, or one somewhere with terrible accommodation. This time, though, luck was on my side: after five or six phone calls, I settled on Gecko Rock Private Nature Reserve – and wow! – what a place. It’s some 35km from Touws River on the N1 axis between Cape Town and Johannesburg, so would be a perfect Karoo stopover.Words by Andrew Middleton

4X4 Trails

There are three main 4×4 routes: the Seattle Trail, the Boyz 2 Men Trail, and the 2×4 route that goes around the back of the farm. There are a few Grade 5 sections also, but they are under refurbishment at the moment so we avoided them. In keeping with the mountainous terrain and Karoo shale, there are extremely technical rock climbs that will test not only your skill levels, but also those of your navigator.

The Seattle Trail twists up and down the high mountain ridge that encircles Gecko Rock reserve. High vantage points are interposed with steep descents, sharp turns and even a riverbed section that wiggles its way through a gully below ground level. It took us about four hours to complete the Seattle Trail, and another hour for the 2×4 route – which is far more technical than the name suggests: 2×4 vehicles will need a diff-lock. In order to preserve the environment, the entire trail consists of natural terrain with no ugly cuttings or bulldozed areas.

The appealing thing is that you won’t feel battered and frustrated at the end of the day’s driving, as there are plenty of spectacular viewpoints and smoother sections to negotiate, in-between a handful of ridiculous, steep axle twisters that will push the tyres far above terrafirma as your vehicle’s articulation limits are breached.

Although owner Jonathan Deal is modest about the grading of his trails, keep in mind that he has clearly put in hundreds of hours to build them so that they will test the limits of a standard vehicle without destroying it. A shale rock-base often threatens tyres, so a good set of all-terrains will prove an asset. Our Trailblazer’s H/T tyres were kept pumped up hard to avoid sidewall damage (although we would never do this if hardier rubber were fitted), thus making steeper sections a sweaty affair.

All along the route, there are numbers next to the track which are linked with the pamphlet provided, to offer extra information along the way. The tips on what lines to take, as well as the ecological sights and smells, are described in detail at each point – this keeps the trail interesting, and helps one to avoid vehicle damage. If you still haven’t had enough by the end, an extended section with some more-extreme challenges is offered.

Gecko Rock Private Nature Reserve Trail Gallery

Images by Andrew Middleton & Jessie Roberts

Other Activities

In 2002, the husband and wife team of Jonathan and Sharon Deal decided to ditch city life and move out into nature, where they began work on their new farm. Completely solar- and wind-powered, the off-grid 4000-hectare reserve is encircled by a large mountain, on which leopard, various large antelope and a variety of carnivorous birds live. But, alas, nature and the incredible quiet is often not enough to keep the majority of punters entertained, and neither can a 4×4 trail, which is where all the other activities come into play.

We didn’t sample the rock-climbing or off-road motorcycle enduro routes (but will, we hope, soon), but we did get to the rifle range where a variety of courses and guns are available. Jonathan, a certified competency instructor, demonstrates and teaches the safe operation of the weapons on offer. We did the introductory course firing a semi-auto version of the AR15 assault rifle used by most high-end security personnel, and used a 10mm Glock pistol for close-range targets. A wide range of weapons is on offer, including shotguns, hunting rifles, assault rifles and pistols; and there is also a variety of training courses to suit experts, beginners, or those looking to get their own gun licence.


The gun-training course we enjoyed was extremely-professional, and the campsites and chalets are equally well run. Hot and cold running water, gas stoves and brand-new buildings greet visitors. Even the campsites have flushing toilets, despite being 35km from the nearest town, and set on the side of a mountain.

Jonathan, who is also an author and photographer, offers photography courses as well as stargazing – which combine brilliantly if you’re an avid outdoorsman. Enough reason to start looking at Gecko Rock as more of a lifestyle destination than simply a 4×4 course by itself.


Originally named after an Indian Chief called Seattle, the 4×4 trail and farm operate under the legendary mantra, “Whatever befalls the earth shall befall the sons of the earth; man did not weave the web of life, he is merely a strand in it –whatever he does to the web, he does to himself.” It’s a worthy philosophy, evidenced by the farm’s green operation and ecological focus. In addition, the 4×4 trails, with the shooting and the other activities, offer visitors a taste of the great outdoors − no matter whether you arrive as an individual, a couple, a full-size family, or as a large group. Go for the weekend with your wife and kids, or take your staff for team-building or a year-end function; you can’t go wrong.

Gecko Rock Private Nature Reserve Trail Information

Getting There

Province: Western Cape
Nearest town: Touws River – 35km
Nearest fuel stop: Touws River
GPS: S 33.5314°, E 20.1048°


  • Take the N1 to Touws River
  • Turn right (if coming from CT) or left (if coming from JHB) into Touws River
  • Turn left at the first four-way-stop in Touws River
  • Drive to the railway line (400m), and turn right
  • Turn left over the railway line
  • Travel on the gravel road from Touws River for about 25km
  • Travel 1km past the Nougaaspoort turn-off. Gecko Rock gate is on the left.
  • Take the private gravel road to reception (about 3km)


Two campsites, wooden cabins and a wooden cottage. Prices vary for each, depending on number of visitors. Visit Gecko Rock’s comprehensive website for more details on what pricing would suit your needs. Campsites include hot showers and clean flush toilets, as well as a braai area.

Trail Details

Terrain Steep ascents and descents, rock, and rock steps, with no easy escape routes. Line choice is critical.
Guided/Unguided Optional
Open/Closed Gates are unlocked at 08H00 all year round and are closed again for the night. Make sure that you arrive during the day, as there is no way to contact the farm owners from the gate.
Will I get lost? No – detailed maps are provided.
Difficulty 4 – 5 for a standard 4×4.
Low-range You’ll need it for the entire 4×4 route.
Diff-lock Vital for long wheelbase vehicles – unless you like packing rocks.
Minimum ground clearance 300mm under-body minimum.
Tyres Good All-Terrain tyres. We had highway terrain tyres on our supplied Trailblazer but ran the risk of sidewall punctures. Changing a tyre on the steep, rocky terrain is not an option.
Recovery points Front
Underbody protection Yes, you’ll be happy that you have a bash plate. Also remove the running boards, if you can.
Softroader friendly There is a 2×4 route available (diff-lock essential) that will offer a challenge to capable softroaders. (Many new softroaders, like the later RAV4 and VW Tiguan or equivalent, will be out of their depth.)

What vehicle were we using? – We drove a Chevrolet Trailblazer 2.8 LTZ 4×4 Auto – our go-to vehicle for long-distance comfort and 4×4 ability. The Trailblazer’s lowend grunt and massive torque (500Nm) proved a blessing up steep ascents. The Trailblazer does not have a diff-lock and circumvents this lack with traction control and a limited-slip rear differential. In the most serious crossaxles (of which Gecko-Rock has many), a diff-lock would have been useful.

Precautions – Large rocks threaten running boards, so remove these if you can. A diff-lock on longwheel- base vehicles, like one-ton bakkies and similar, is vital for completing the trail.

Bring Your – Binoculars to spot the spectacular bird life, your sun hat, rock-climbing gear and a gun to have some fun with on the shooting range, and firewood. There are also some great cycling and off-road motorcycling routes to enjoy.

Contact Information

Reception and office: 023 358 9902
Jonathan Deal: 076 838 5150
Jonathan Office: 023 358 9903
Sharon Deal: 082 493 8733

Trail Cost

: R250