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Workshop: Oil Sense


Words Freddi Stafford

Advancements in technology have changed our lives forever, but how much thought have you given to this when it comes to your 4×4 and the quality of lubricants it uses, every time you send
your vehicle in to be serviced? It’s far more important than you think.

Do you remember when we could take a pair of socks out of our drawer and place either one on either foot, without concern for our comfort? Now Falke mark their socks left and right, calling
them asymmetrical, and stating that they fit your left and right foot exclusively, complementing the unique shape of each foot.

Yes, life has become complicated. However, you do not need to know all the answers in order to gain success. Instead of having to become experts on anything and everything in their lives, the world’s most successful people instead choose to surround themselves with knowledgeable and trustworthy partners that are keen to share their wisdom. Their mobile phones have contacts like Steve – Insurance Broker, George – Plumber, Claire – Landscaper, Sumayha – Labour Broker and Shaheed – Land Rover mechanic. These are the people who have many years of experience, and consistently offer us good advice. They keep up to date on the latest advances and the latest technology, so that we do not need to. By default, they also make our lives easier.

Whether you are the owner of a new vehicle or an old vehicle, the newest technologies affect us all. When a classic car owner asks me for non-detergent oil, I explain the myth that has perpetuated this requirement since after World War II (for the past 70 years) and why they do not require a “non-detergent” oil.

A small part of my explanation is that we have the same teeth now as we had 70 years ago, but modern toothpastes now have stabilised stannous fluoride formulations that deliver long-lasting
anti-bacterial benefits, while the fluoride reduces demineralisation and effectively drives remineralisation. Then there are the benefits of polyphosphate formulas that provide extra whitening and anti-calculus benefits, inhibit bacterial growth, reduce bacterial adhesion and eradicate staining. In short, modern toothpastes are better able to protect our teeth than those available 70
years ago. Modern lubricants do the same for all engines.

For most consumers, buying a vehicle represents a major financial decision: one of the larger purchases they will make in their lives. Maintaining the value of this investment makes financial sense.

Over the past 25 years that I have been in the oil industry, I have seen only a handful of workshops that know anything about the OEM recommended or the specified lubricants that are to be used in the vehicles they service. These successful workshops embrace the new technology and work hard to educate themselves, to the significant benefit of all their customers.