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7-seater for the 1 percenters


New model: Mercedes-Benz GL-Class. Luxury 7-seater SUVs are comparatively few in number. Rarer yet are 7-seaters that accommodate adults comfortably in their third row.

In years past we’d have gone as far as to say that only one vehicle ticks this box: Land Rover’s Discovery. But, with the launch of the second generation Mercedes-Benz GL-Class, Solihull’s stranglehold on third-row comfort has finally been broken. This is a Benz which can transport the entire remuneration committee to lunch at the Westcliff with nary a whisper of complaint from Perkins and Khumalo in the back row.

The new GL was launched at the 2012 New York auto show towards the end of last year. The choice of launch venue was hardly arbitrary, as the US is this vehicle’s primary market; in fact, the previous generation was America’s best seller in its category.

From the get go, Mercedes-Benz have been at pains to emphasise the new model’s luxury and comfort, even going as far as to reference the S-Class to describe the level of refinement on offer…