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A Landy called Ruff Nut


                    The original Landy before it became Ruff Nut

On a recent trip up to the Clanwilliam area, I bumped into Yahya Huysamen and his beloved Land Rover called Ruff Nut. After chatting to him for quite a while, it became clear that the many hours, days and months spent working on his vehicle build has been a labour of love.



His desire for a Landy with “houding” has resulted in what he now calls Ruff Nut with immense pride. Ruff Nut is one tough nut too. He has added a drop-down kitchen unit, canvas storage compartments and various other accessories to enhance the shabby chic look of his 4×4. What’s more is you can even write your favourite saying and sign his Landy in permanent marker if you ask nicely.



Ruff Nut’s journey started out in 2019 as a stock standard green Land Rover and the conversion morphed from that point. The vehicle had the original R6 suspension and Santana box with an RD 2.8 diesel Nissan motor which Yahya decided to change.



Then a Discovery 1 was purchased with the view to combine old school and new school into a single vehicle. The Land Rover Discovery 1 was stripped down and the undercarriage was used in the build. The chassis was extended as well as the propshaft. There was some work on the steering column as there was a difference in length that needed to be made up between the Landy 3 series shell and the Discovery chassis. To fit everything onto the chassis took about 3 months.



Even today, Yahya is adding bits and doing additional modifications to Ruff Nut such as the kitchen, the roof rack and the rooftop tent. A water tank was added for the basin in the kitchen. Spotlights have also been added to Ruff Nut and it seems that this ongoing project might take a while to reach final completion.



Yahya manufactured the bull bar himself and is in the process of turning his rocksliders into an air compressed jack so that when he gets a puncture, he simply inflates the mechanism under the rocksliders to lift the vehicle. This addition means no heavy manual jacking. Land Rover Worx did the wiring for the build and it was great to chat to the owner of this Landy with a difference.


If you do see Ruff Nut on your travels, stop and say hello to Yahya Huysamen, as he would love to hear your thoughts and tell you more about his Land Rover makeover.


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