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Airmax 2 & 3 Ton Air Jacks from Air Spring Supply Company


The Air Spring Supply Company has released an exciting product that is taking the local market by storm, the Airmax Air Jack. The unique design of this air jack uses compressed air to raise and lower passenger vehicles, half tonners, SUV’s and 4×4’s quickly and easily. It is fast and user friendly with two lever valves that make the air jacks quick and easy to operate. Turn the green lever to raise and the red lever to lower.

To ensure maximum operator safety, a factory set safety valve is mounted on the control manifold. The safety valve will prevent the air jack from being accidentally over inflated. Inside the Airmax air jack is a unique internal telescopic stabilising column. This column provides stability to the jack during elevation and combined with a wide base give’s maximum stability on hard or soft surfaces.

         Air Spring Supply 2 ton Airmax Air Jack

The 2-ton air jack has a minimum height of 11.5cm and a maximum height of 34.5cm which is ideal for sports/passenger cars and half tonners. The pressure rating is 6-8 bar and the total weight is 16 kg.

       Air Spring Supply 3 ton Airmax Air Jack

The 3-ton air jack has a minimum height of 14.5cm and a maximum height of 46.5cm which is ideal for SUV’s and 4×4’s. The pressure rating is 8-12 bar and the total weight of this Airmax air jack is 17kg.


Their speed of operation over conventional jacks will significantly reduce the time required to lift a vehicle.

To find out more details about the Airmax 2 & 3 Ton Air Jacks from Air Spring Supply Company, including online ordering, fitment, frequently asked questions or technical advice, simply use the contact form below. Our industry experts are ready and willing to assist you.

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