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Beeld Show: Show and Tell


A selection of the top overlanding and camping items that caught our attention at the recent Beeld Show




FlexoPower Kalahari-158 kit

Used by the SANDF, Botswana and Namibian Defence Force – and most recently the US military – FlexoPower provides nearly indestructible flexible solar panels for a variety of applications. Thanks to the panels’ flexible nature, packing is easy and the result is compact – perfect for overland travel. The panels are also affected less by partial shading than other solar collectors, and the amorphous silicon triple junction absorbs more sunlight than other technology on the market, even in low light. Another boon for campers is that if one portion of the panel is damaged, it will still produce power, whereas a regular glass panel will be destroyed. A standard 158W FlexoPower panel weighs only 6kg and will produce up to 40% of its rated output in overcast conditions.

• FlexoPower panels come in a variety of shapes and sizes.



Kalahari-158 Kit

(The specs of the mid-level foldable panel, suitable for most overlanders)

Application: Seven or more days in remote camps | Strategy: Park in shade, panel in sun

Rated Output: 158 Watt | Max Voltage: 19.2V

Operating Current: 8.2A | Dimension folded: 410 x 270mm

Dimension deployed: 2980 x 410 x 1mm | Weight: 3kg each panel

Kit content:
• Two x 79W rollable solar panels
• Solar regulator
• Carry bag
• Anderson connectors (grey)
• 10m cable set



Lumeno glare-free light bars

There are few things worse than being blinded by an oncoming vehicle’s spotlights. For this reason, Lumeno has developed a range of glare-free CREE LED lights which use a specially designed mirror to reflect light down onto the road, not up into oncoming traffic. Sizes range from a small 3-LED 15W unit all the way up to massive 21-LED 105W units. They all use quality alloy housings and project a spot beam from 250m (3-LED) to 660m (21-LED). The lights carry an IP68 waterproof rating, have a 50 000-hour+ lifespan, and mount on a strong stainless-steel bracket.


15W 3-LED: R1 250

30W 6-LED: R1 900

60W 12-LED: R3 300

105W 21-LED: R5 300


Easy Axe


Easy Axe

If you want to give your axe the axe, you need the Easy Axe, which makes axing much easier thanks to a stable circular base and integrated blade with circular surround, all made from rust-resistant steel. Place the log that you need to chop into the Easy Axe and hit it with a mallet – the log will be split by the hard steel blade and separated by the fingers at the blade’s base, for the easiest wood chopping you’ve ever done.

Price: R550

Optional canvas bag: R150

Optional postage in SA: R99


Tonneau King Cover


Tonneau King lockable tonneau covers

As useful as a tonneau cover may be, most are limited in their design due to poor dust-sealing and poor security. Tonneau King offers lockable covers, both hard shelled and soft, that fold along three points for easy access to your load bay’s contents. Apart from the obvious benefits, wind drag is reduced thanks to the load bin being covered; and Tonneau King claims up to 10% improvement in fuel consumption. Sealing kits are also available to stop the ingress of dust.


Hard cover: From R11 500- R13 500

Soft cover: From R5 550- R6 490



• High security with tailgate lock.

• It is ultra-strong, yet lightweight (hard cover 29kg)

• It can carry 140kg on top of the hard cover

• It is fitted and removed in seconds; no tools required.

• It takes up no bin space.

• Aerodynamic design improves fuel consumption by up to 10%.

• 6063 grade aluminium frame, Nylon 6 components.

• 12-month warranty.

Howling Moon


Howling Moon Lunar rooftop tent

While some tents major on space and luxury, this compact unit from Howling Moon is the perfect tent if minimum weight and a low profile are important to you. The aerodynamic fibreglass hard-shell unit weighs only 60kg and features large windows with insect screens that open and close independently. The tent will easily sleep two people and features a HD foam 80mm thick mattress and a gas strut opening mechanism that’s easily operable by one person. Able to withstand harsh weather and wind, the unique locking mechanism ensures that the tent stays open when you need it to. Alloy rails built into the top of the tent shell provide a base for items such as solar panels, and the rails at the base of the tent allow it to be moved backwards or forwards on your roof rack. Optional extras include LED lights and a 12V wiring harness.

Internal dimensions: (Length x Width x Height) 2150mm x 1450mm x 1050mm

Weight: 60kg

Price: R25 000 (estimated)

• Only in stores from May. Check availability with your retail supplier.

Hard cover: From R11 500- R13 500

Soft cover: From R5 550- R6 490

Howling Moon Website:

Campworld Website:

MadKon braai

What’s Cookin’

MadKon collapsible braais

The best things in life are often big, and, unfortunately, this means that your braai is probably too bulky to fit into your 4×4. Luckily, MadKon Braais are only 60mm high when collapsed, and can be erected in seconds. Designed to use any braai medium, be it wood or charcoal, they are perfect for bush camping where designated braai areas are not supplied. All MadKon Braais are made from 1.2mm 3CR12 stainless steel, which is used for its ability to withstand heat as it gets tempered every time you use it. This means that the moving side-plates and bends in the braai’s design should retain their shape for years to come.

The three sizes available are the Mini, the Ammo Box, and the 600. The price includes a food-grade stainless-steel flat grid and a canvas carry bag, and the 600s model also has an incorporated grid stand and rotisserie attachments.


(from smallest to largest)

R2 200 | R2 900 | R3 500

MadKon Website: