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SA4x4 Clinic got a technical query

Boxing Rocky


Question by: Peter Flockhart Answer by: Fana van ZylI’m the owner of an ’00 Daihatsu Rocky 2.7 turbo-diesel intercooled.
I’ve had this vehicle for 10 years; I bought it second-hand with 20 000 km on the clock. It’s currently done 325 000 km, and much of this mileage has been trouble-free with only regular services, two clutch jobs and the replacement of suspension bushes. Remarkably, the vehicle does not use a drop of oil between services.
However, I’ve recently had a problem with the transfer case which whines in 2WD. I live in Durban and have found that the so-called experts here are reluctant to get involved with this vehicle.
If I can’t repair the transfer case, or if I’m unable to find a suitable replacement, would it be possible to have another drivetrain system adapted to this engine?
Peter Flockhart

Yes, we can adapt a Hilux 5-speed gearbox to your vehicle. The Daihatsu’s diffs would stay the same but we’d have to modify the prop shafts. The cost of the bellhousing / adaptor would be approximately R4 500. You can source the gearbox yourself or we can do it for you.
Fana van Zyl
Adaptor and Conversation Centre
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