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Wild Accessories


The Wild Premium Aluminium Canopy offered by Wild Accessories is built to offer premium stability and great looks. It has positive pressure ventilation inside the canopy as well as an air vent designed to clean the rear window.

It has built-in roof rails that accommodate slide bolts to mount roof racks or a rooftop tent. Design features include a multi-bend front and rear bolster and an aerodynamic shape that follows the contours of the vehicle. There is a rear air scoop and a high-visibility brake light for added safety on the road. Also standard is a sliding front window for all vehicles that have a sliding cab window.

The large gullwing doors offer complete ease of access and easy loading. Stainless steel latches with lynch pins make for easy opening and offer good security for anything stored in the rear of the canopy.

The canopies are lightweight, weighing in at around 58kg (minus accessories). They are manufactured from 2mm aluminium, except the canopy base, which is 3mm. The canopy is powder coated. Mounting the canopy makes use of the existing tie down points inside the load bin. Our brackets bolt on between the tie-down hook and the load bin.

The four corners of the canopy are fitted with adjustable corner stoppers to locate the canopy in the XY direction (Left/Right and Front/Rear). We then use stainless steel latches with lynch pins to pull the canopy downwards. This makes it easy for the client to take the canopy off and put it back on.

Mounting points are standard, enabling the fitment of accessories without drilling. Double-cab and extra/super-cab canopies have two side gullwing doors and single-cab canopies have four side gullwing doors. Canopies have single key locks. Waterproof seals are located inside the door. Hinges are solid and waterproof, with waterproof rubber at the base of the canopy. The rear window is solid tempered glass and offers excellent visibility. Wild Accessories offers optional colour matching for vehicles.  Typical weights range from 58kg for double cabs and up to 93kg for single cabs.

Wild canopies fit on most vehicle brands. We can always design a canopy should we not have it yet, especially for the older vehicles.

Standard features/accessories

  • Strong and lightweight aluminium construction
  • Solid hinges, waterproof when open
  • Positive pressure air vent
  • Internal rails on doors and roof use automotive speed nuts for quick accessory fitment
  • Roof rails use T-bolts for racks fitment
  • Full roof rack (1.25 x 1.5m) option
  • Crate sliders option
  • Kitchen/tool unit options fit on gullwing sides
  • Roof-mounted table option
  • Battery-operated, magnetic LED light – no wiring required

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