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SA4x4 Clinic got a technical query

Colt Fan


Question by: Wayne du Ploy Answer by: Arnold VenterI own an ‘03 Colt 2.8 TDI. I would like to remove the vehicle’s viscous fan and replace it with two 10” electric fans. Is this a popular modification, and if so, at what temperature should the fans switch on?
Wayne du Ploy

This modification isn’t a good idea, especially not for the Colt 2.8 TDI. I’m doubtful that the electric fans will generate enough airflow to keep the radiator cool. What’s more, a double-fan setup may restrict air moving through the radiator when driving at low speeds. The Colt 2.8 TDI is sensitive to temperature increases and the slightest drop in airflow will certainly cause the operating temperature to rise and potentially overheat the motor.
Why do you want to alter the vehicle’s cooling system? Is your vehicle currently overheating? Provided your Colt’s standard cooling system is in good working order there should be no reason why the vehicle should overheat. I would have the system examined before making any changes to its operation.
Arnold Venter
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