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SA4x4 Clinic got a technical query

Crooked Cruiser


Question by: Rainer Scherzinger Answer by: Dennis MaytomI own a Land Cruiser 100 VX with air suspension. The ride of this vehicle is fantastic, the most comfortable of any 4×4 I’ve ever driven. The problem is that my Cruiser stands at a slight angle where the rear RHS is lower than the LHS – about 25 mm or so. I’ve tried swopping the rear coils from left to right but this hasn’t solved the problem.
I could install a 10 mm OME spacer but that would still leave me 15 mm short. Do you have any suggestions as to how I could rectify this problem? I have no intention of disconnecting the air suspension.
As a matter of interest, I’ve fitted the following accessories: OME coils (rear), 170-litre auxiliary fuel tank, rear bumper with dual spare-wheel carrier, roofrack with rooftop tent and various other smaller accessories. The total additional mass to the vehicle is around 380 kg. I also tow an off-road trailer, adding a further 80 kg to the load.
Rainer Scherzinger

I would suggest that the front torsion bar be examined. It could be that the torsion bar is adjusted too high at the front (LHS) thereby pushing the Cruiser’s rear (RHS) downwards.
Dennis Maytom
4×4 MegaWorld Manager – Somerset West
(021) 851 4813