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SA4x4 Clinic got a technical query

Disco 4 Going The Distance


Qusetion by: Gary Twiss Answer by: Wayne Coombe-HeathI’d like to increase my Discovery 4 TDV6’s driving range; what are my options regarding an auxiliary fuel tank and how will it alter my vehicle?
Gary Twiss


Front Runner manufacturers an 80-litre auxiliary fuel tank for the Discovery 3 and 4. The tank retails for R4 785 (excluding delivery and fitment).
The auxiliary tank is mounted at the rear of the Discovery, in place of the spare wheel, and filled through the existing filler / inlet pipe. When needed, fuel is transferred from the auxiliary tank to the main tank via a low-pressure pump operated by a cabin-mounted switch; on the Discovery 4 we usually mount this switch through the blank-off plate just behind the vehicle’s handbrake.
Of course, the fitment of the tank requires that the spare wheel be mounted in another location; you have three choices: stow it in your vehicle’s boot, strap it to your roofrack, or mount it on a rear-bumper wheel carrier.
Wayne Coombe-Heath
Front Runner
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