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Empowering Excellence, Energising the Future: Enertec’s Battery Solutions


In the dynamic landscape of energy solutions, Enertec emerges as a beacon of innovation and reliability. As an appointed VIP master distributor for various internationally acclaimed products, Enertec proudly brings Energizer and Enertec Automotive branded batteries to South Africa and neighbouring territories. But their mission extends beyond mere distribution – they’re here to redefine the standards of power provision.

Partnering for Progress

Enertec’s journey towards excellence is marked by strategic partnerships. Teaming up with DISCOVER Energy Corporation Canada, they’ve been at the forefront of driving ingenuity in Lead-Acid and Advanced Energy Solutions. Their commitment goes beyond meeting demand; it’s about crafting quality power solutions while minimising economic and environmental footprints.

In 2017, their alliance expanded further as CTEK Sweden AB, renowned specialists in battery charging systems, appointed Enertec Batteries as their South African partner. The synergy between Enertec and CTEK amplifies their efforts in developing the battery management market, ensuring optimal performance and longevity for every power source.

The Enertec Advantage

At the heart of Enertec’s offerings lies their house brand – ENERTEC. From Automotive and Commercial RED and BLUE Series to Motorcycle and Lithium Ion Series, their portfolio spans diverse applications, catering to the varied needs of their clientele.

Furthermore, their long-standing partnership with FORBATT in the valve-regulated lead acid (VRLA) portfolio underscores their commitment to excellence in critical sectors such as UPS and Security applications. With over two decades of collaboration, Enertec has forged a reputation for reliability and performance, setting the standard for power solutions in demanding environments.

Elevating Expectations

Enertec doesn’t just provide batteries; they deliver peace of mind. Their dedication to quality, reliability, and sustainability ensures that every product bearing the Enertec name exceeds expectations. Whether it’s powering essential infrastructure, enabling mobility, or enhancing security systems, Enertec batteries stand as a testament to innovation and excellence.

Customer-Centric Solutions

At Enertec, customer satisfaction isn’t just a goal; it’s their driving force. They understand the unique needs of their clients and offer tailored solutions backed by unparalleled expertise and support. From consultation to installation and beyond, Enertec is your trusted partner in powering progress.

Join the Enertec Revolution

As the world moves towards a future defined by sustainable energy solutions, Enertec remains at the forefront of innovation. With a legacy of excellence and a commitment to pushing boundaries, Enertec invites you to join them in shaping the future of power.

Contact Them Today

Experience the Enertec difference – contact them today to learn more about their comprehensive range of battery solutions and services. Together, let’s power progress and build a brighter tomorrow. Enertec – Empowering Excellence, Energising the Future.

For more information and pricing on the Enertec range, simply fill in the short enquiry form below and they will get hold of you directly with delivery and purchase options. Click here to be directed to their website or alternatively call their Head Office on 087 807 7760.

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