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SA4x4 Clinic got a technical query

Exhaust Insulation


Qusetion by: Norman Jandrell Answer by: Justin BennettsWe often hear horror stories about 4x4s catching alight due to grass build-up around the exhaust system. With this in mind, would it not be beneficial to wrap the exhaust in some sort of insulation material – fibreglass rope for example? Or would this have an adverse effect on the vehicle’s motor?
Norman Jandrell

Wrapping the exhaust in insulation material will not have an adverse effect on the engine but you’re guaranteed to shorten the lifespan of the exhaust pipe. Every vehicle brought into our workshop with exhaust wrapping shows signs of corrosion on the exhaust pipe. This is because the wrapping traps moisture between the insulation and the pipe creating a corrosive environment. For this reason we don’t recommend the use of exhaust pipe insulation.
However, you can have your 4×4’s exhaust pipe ceramic coated. The process is expensive but it’s the best defence against heat soak and corrosion. Go to for more information. Lastly, remember to always carry a fire extinguisher in your 4×4!
Justin Bennetts
Powerflow Exhausts (Tokai)
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