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Ford reveals a wider range of accessories for next-gen Ranger or Everest


Ford has revealed a wider range of accessories for their next-gen Ranger and Everest customers that are looking to personalise their vehicles. From factory-backed work, lifestyle, and performance accessories, Ford now offers it all.

Although the Ford Ranger and the Everest are based on the same upgraded Ford T6 platform, they remain two vehicles that differ from each other with their own distinct, and bold body styles.

Ford collaborated with many leading aftermarket companies to offer a range of Ford Licensed Accessories designed and developed to match the style of next-gen Ranger and Everest.

“Our goal was to create the most comprehensive, factory-backed accessory catalogue we’ve ever had – expanding the versatility of Ranger and Everest for our customers and allowing them to work, play and explore with family,” said Michael Karageorgiou, vehicle personalisation director, International Markets Group, Ford.

All accessories are covered with a warranty when fitted by Ford dealers and every accessory has been designed to expand the ease of integration, while Ford’s design studio worked alongside the companies to ensure that all accessories complement the look and function of the next-gen Ranger and Everest.

How do you choose which vehicle would suit you best? The truth is, you can’t. It’s tough to pick a winner between the two stablemates. The Ranger offers more utility paired with a cargo bed, while the Everest offers extra seats and cargo space.

The next-generation Ford Ranger is the result of deep customer insight, developed through extensive customer research into what makes a great pickup. Click here for more information on the next-gen Ranger.

More choices to personalise

By involving all aftermarket companies, it became a key point in showing Ford customers exactly how much more potential the next-gen Ranger and Everest have along with top-notch versatility.

The 2022 Ford Everest and the next-gen Ranger have been updated with a more 20th-century, rugged style, and they also feature new technology and better safety.

“You only need to look around your local shopping mall carpark to see just how many bakkies or pick-ups, and SUVs have aftermarket bullbars, wheels, and lift kits fitted,” Burn said. “Many people significantly accessorise their vehicles to suit their personal and work needs – so it was important that we engaged with these enthusiasts to see what we could do to help.

Torture tested

“Coming together early with aftermarket companies meant we could bring the best of the aftermarket and the best of Ford, and work together to collaborate and develop the most seamlessly integrated accessory and vehicle offering that we’ve ever had.”

Extensive computer-aided engineering (CAE) work was done to ensure that all the accessories worked exactly how the customer expected them to. Durability, safety, and airflow were the main accessories explored.

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Customer feedback also played a very important role as it helped to improve the final design to a number of features – from the location of the air compressor to the fine-tuning of sound quality from the snorkel.

“On one of our engineering field evaluations, we invited along some key members from vehicle owner groups we’d been speaking with,” Medbury said. “We wanted to demonstrate how the accessories had been designed to integrate with the vehicle and demonstrate how Ford had responded to their previous feedback.

Personalisation ready

“We know that our customers will want to personalise their vehicles to suit their individual needs, so in addition to a broad catalogue of accessories, we ensured that we made it easier to upfit the vehicle” said Medbury.

Certain next-gen Rangers come standard with six upfitter switches, making the after-market customisation a whole lot easier. A five auxiliary switch bank accessory also will be available for other models.

The next-gen Ranger and Everest also offer a dedicated space under the bonnet for the installation of a second battery, if and when a Ford Licensed auxiliary battery kit. This phenomenal option supplies power to keep your necessary accessories running, such as fridges, camp lights, and more!

This enormous catalogue of accessories will definitely leave Ranger and Everest customers spoilt for choice when it comes to personalising their vehicle. These accessories can either be fitted at the same time of purchase, or customers can take the time to build their dream off-roaders in stages via their trusted Ford dealership.