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Qusetion by: Christo Swanepoel Answer by: Justin BennettsMy ’05 Hilux 4.0 V6 has done 270 000 km. During the last 10 000 km I’ve had to replace many of the vehicle’s sensors. Is it normal for the oil, temperature and oxygen sensors to fail at this mileage? It seems the previous owner removed the catalytic convertors in the exhaust system – could this be the cause of the sensors’ failing? These things are proving to be quite expensive.
Christo Swanepoel

Removing the catalytic converter will not shorten the lifespan of an oxygen sensor. These sensors are commonly replaced at mileages between 100 000 and 150 000 km. The problem stems from contaminants in the exhaust gases which limit the lifespan of an oxygen sensor.The fact that your sensors have made it to 270 000 km is extremely impressive.
More a ordable units can be purchased at Diesel Electric or at Masterparts. But make sure you buy the correct units – oxygen sensors are available in two, three or four wire derivatives. You may have to cut and solder your old plug onto the new sensor if it isn’t a direct match. Remember to use a good quality solder and heat shrink on all your connections.
Justin Bennetts
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