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Groenkloof Nature Reserve


Situated in the Fountains Valley, Groenkloof is a stone’s throw from Pretoria, just 5km south of the city. Paul Kruger established the area as a reserve back in 1895 to protect it from poachers and in so doing, established South Africa’s first nature sanctuary. Groenkloof is ideal as a getaway from busy city life and offers a number of mountain bike, horse, 4X4 and hiking trails as well as guided 4X4 safaris through the park. The reserve has activities for visitors of all ages; game viewing, outdoor sporting activities and overnight trails, as well as youth camping facilities that host up to 60 people.

The reserve has become a popular destination for mountain biking events, with each trail offering varying degrees of difficulty. Overnight hikes or guided horse-trails are a great way to experience the reserve. Impala, kudu, blue wildebeest, ostrich, giraffe, red hartebeest and an abundance of bird-life can all be spotted in the reserve, whether you’re on horseback or in the back of a game-truck.

Those given to outdoor sporting activities will not be disappointed. The dedicated routes for mountain biking, hiking, horse riding and 4×4 experiences also have optional overnight facilities so visitors can get the most out of their outdoor experience. Groenkloof’s hiking trails are well marked and cater for people of all endurance levels, ranging from casual hikers to those who prefer more gruelling trails. The 4km White Trail, 3.5km Red Trail and 10.5km Yellow Trail snake around the slopes and through the woodlands.

There are numerous picnic areas where visitors are welcome to spend the day or gain a little respite from their activities. For those less inclined to eat outdoors, Moyo restaurant, is conveniently located in the reserve. Moyo serve Afro-European fusion fare in a sophisticated setting.