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SA4x4 Clinic got a technical query

Hard Starting Range Rover


Qusetion by: Michael Gill Answer by: Rob Eriksen-MillerI have a 3.5-litre Range Rover engine in a SWB lightweight Land Rover. For the last two years we’ve been trying to find out why it won’t start when hot. Pull it a car’s length and it starts and runs perfectly; the same if run downhill. Use the starter and it just spins over. Leave the bonnet open for 30 minutes and it fires up instantly.
The main problem seems to be low voltage at the coil. We’ve tried lots of things over the last two years. What I’m looking for is something we haven’t thought of yet. Batteries, starters, cylinders heads, spark plugs, HT wires, CDI ignition, extra power from battery to coil when cranking, earth wires, carbs – all these have been tried.
Michael Gill

As you are undoubtedly learning, there can be a number of reasons for a vehicle not starting. With that said it’s almost impossible to diagnose the problem without being able to examine the vehicle. However, in this instance a great place to start is with a compression test. If compression is low, the vehicle will battle to start unless it’s pulled like you’re currently having to do.
Rob Eriksen-Miller
REM Landy Repairs
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