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Hilux Max

Hilux Xtreme Upgrade

I think this upgrade, which began with a pencil sketch and a few ideas, epitomises our passion for what we do every day. We’d had our extreme bumper fitted on the Hilux, but wanted to take the rig to another level. Wider fenders was something we’d wanted to have for a long time, but we decided to widen them by only 40 mm so that we could easily fit a 10” rim with 285 tyres. We fitted 17” XD rim with 12 offset 285 X 65 RN BFGoodrich MT tyres, and 30 mm spacers, just to get everything in proportion. The body lift helped to get that aggressive look, but we also needed more clearance for the bigger wheels. The body mount also needed to be trimmed away extensively.

The raised suspension was a must, not only for ground clearance and wheel clearance, but also for stability and ride comfort. We’ve tested and fitted EFS for the last couple of years and have had only success with the product; the dynamic motion control works extremely well on bad gravel roads.

We are Rigid Industries importers so we fitted LED lights to the Hilux. They sport a very durable lens (there’s a lifetime warranty covering cracks) which makes it possible to build them into our bull-bars; and when we had our bull bars tested in Australia for airbag compatibility, they passed with flying colours. The 30” LED light bar gives you a 1.1 km spot and 70 m wide beam for approximately 200 m. A 2” LED light at the rear helps for loading at night.

The tyre door is also something we’ve been toying with for a while. We’ll put this concept through a test phase, as we do with all our products, so it will probably go on sale only in 2014. We love doing extreme trails and overland trips, so we fitted the full skid plate and rock sliders for protection. The towbar is designed to maximise departure angle, and there are also proper recovery and hi-lift jack points available – plus a long-range tank.

Inside the cab, we added a few products to help with packing space – a dash bag, tranny bag, and our ONCA roof console which can accommodate a 2-way radio.

The safe under the rear seat is used mainly on overland trips, when the rear seat is removed and replaced with a platform for a fridge and drawer.

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