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SA4x4 Clinic got a technical query

Isuzu Start Up


Qusetion by: Chase Bryce-Rogers Answer by: Arnold VenterWe own a ’97 Isuzu KB280 DC with 285 000 km on the clock. It runs beautifully and is definitely not lacking power. The trouble is starting her up. We’ve replaced the heater plugs and injectors but that hasn’t solved the problem. We also installed a heater button to manually preheat the engine but on cold days you have to hold the button down for up to a minute or more – not particularly good for the battery which we have to remove and charge every two weeks or so.
Chase Bryce-Rogers

Isuzu bakkies use a glow-plug timer. When this device fails the symptoms are exactly as you’ve described. Now that you’re using a manual overdrive button you’re not allowing the system to activate. This could cause additional wear on the engine’s internals. I’d replace the glow-plug timer and forgo the manual override.
Arnold Venter
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