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January Selection: Model Updates


Mitsubishi Triton

Mitsubishi Triton
Latest version gets the green light

Arriving in local dealerships in February 2017, the new Triton SU will pack a host of improvements over its predecessor to keep it competitive in SA’s most hotly contested segment. The Triton will feature an all-new, lighter, more responsive and more economical 2.4 litre 16-valve common-rail turbodiesel engine, and either a six-speed manual or a fivespeed automatic transmission. The engine pumps out 133kW at 3500rpm and 430Nm at only 2500rpm. Low-end torque has been increased by up to 25% compared to the previous 2.5-litre diesel unit.

Available in both 2WD and 4WD, the latter features a revised and updated version of Mitsubishi’s unique Super Select II torque distribution system. This system allows for four different driving modes including, 2WD high, 4WD high, 4WD high lock and 4WD low range. The 4WD high mode distributes torque in a 40:60 ratio between the front and rear axle through a viscous coupling, allowing the 4WD mode to be used on all surfaces without transmission windup – improving reliability, safety and handling in slippery conditions. A rear diff-lock comes standard with all Tritons.

Revised suspension has improved ride quality while a best-in-class turning radius of only 5.9 metres is on par with many mid-size sedan cars. Active Stability with Traction Control, ABS and EDB improve stability.

Hilux SRX

Hilux SRX
Workhorse gets extra swagger

Introduced in February 2016, the workhorse SRX Hilux range has already racked up well over 30 000 units sold, but customers always want more – particularly in the face of an unexpected surge in private-sector buyer demands and rivalry in the lower-cost segment of this market from Ford’s 2.2-litre Ranger contender.

Keen to stay in the aesthetic race, Toyota will now offer the SRX in 55mm wider “Raider” body style, offering those integrated over-fenders and a wider front bumper on single-cab and doublecab versions (Xtra-cab models already have the wider body style.) Exterior mirrors across the range will now inherit indicator lamps.

Adding stability and a step-up from steel wheels is the change to wider-track 17-inch alloys shod with 265/65 R17 all-terrain rubber. The SRX trim line is offered on the 2.4-litre GD-6 derivatives (110kW/400Nm) and on those with the 2.7-litre VVTi petrol.

Toyota Fortuner

Toyota Fortuner
More bling, no sting

Keeping the extremely successful Fortuner SUV fresh and in price contention has driven a handful of running updates to the line-up. For 2017, the old 17-inch alloys have been uprated to 18-inch items on all 2.8 GD-6 and 4.0 V6 Fortuners, shod with 265/60 R18 Bridgestone rubber.

The entry level 2.7 VVT-i and 2.4 GD-6 Fortuners retain 17-inch alloys with 265/65 R17 tyres, but leather seats and trim is now standard fare on these models. The good news? All this at no extra cost to customers, making the Toyota offering highly competitive against the upcoming Everest entry-level models which are now being locally produced.