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SA4x4 Clinic got a technical query

Jerking Isuzu


Qusetion by: Andries Pieterse Answer by: Arnold VenterI recently bought a ’98 Isuzu 320 LX with 243 000 km. It’s very powerful and goes well on the open road. However, once we hit the uphills the power drops off and the Isuzu jerks for a second or two before coming alive again. I had the vehicle serviced (cambelt, plugs, oil, filters, etc.) by a trusted mechanic but the problem persists.
Another problem I’m having is that the 4WD warning light and diff-lock light fail to illuminate when activated. Could this be a faulty sensor? Besides these two problems I’m very happy with the Isuzu’s performance and look forward to taking it out on a 4×4 track.
Andries Pieterse

This sounds like a fuel delivery problem. It’s a common problem on these vehicles and often related to a defective fuel pump – especially at this mileage. If this is the case you can replace the pump with a Bosch part.
Regarding the 4WD indication light: if the diff-lock’s not faulty and the vehicle has no problems engaging / disengaging 4×4, the problem could be with the lights themselves or the switches that activate the lights. Check all your fuses and the indication switches on the diffs themselves.
Arnold Venter
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