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Joining Forces


Words by Andrew Middleton. Pictures supplied. Ironman.

Ironman 4X4 Australia and the automotive giant, Partquip Group, recently joined forces to create a joint venture: Ironman 4X4 Africa. The decision to team up was a result of Ironman 4X4’s resounding international success, as they now export and distribute products to over 160 countries. The good news for South African off-road enthusiasts is that Ironman’s product range will now feature more diversity, availability, and (best of all) affordability.

For the past nine years, Partquip Group (through its Suspension Solutions Division) has been the sole importer and distributor of Ironman 4×4 Suspension and Accessory products in Southern Africa. Recent exchange rate fluctuations have put adverse pressure on the cost of qualityimported products, making them less affordable to the off-road enthusiast. For this reason, Partquip and Ironman 4X4 Australia have now joined forces, cutting out the middle man, and ultimately benefitting the consumer.

As their first port of call, Ironman 4X4 Africa has opened an extralarge warehouse in JHB, where stock can be kept to service the entire sub-Saharan region. By importing and warehousing large quantities of stock, Ironman 4X4 Africa is able to supply its customers and dealer network at an extremely competitive level. For example, the Ironman 4X4 snorkel has dropped in price by 25% since Partquip and Ironman 4X4 Australia established the new joint venture. Other products have seen similar savings, and more reductions are expected in the future.