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Junior Jeep Adventure: Skurweberg Pass in a CJ-2A


Words Damian Haun (aged 12)

For the Easter weekend, my father and two of his friends had decided to do a trip in the Karoo. So, that was one Landy Lightweight (Etienne de Kock), a CJ-6 (Ian Nuttal), and my dad (Bobby Peyrot) in his CJ-2A.

Early on Good Friday morning, we all met up in Villiersdorp and started the trip. We hit the dirt around about 11:15. And that’s when the fun started.

All was going well, smooth sailing, until Sunday morning. We had spent the night at Skurweberg, and when we had to leave for Die Mond, instead of taking that horrible pass down, we decided to take a 4×4 route down − and that proved to be the eye opener for the day.

The first bit of the trail was just like Kagga Kamma; a day of nothing but bouncing around. After we’d finally got past the bouncing part, we all got cold feet.

We had come to the edge of a mini “Johnny’s pass” (the Tra-Tra trail in the Cederberg), just steeper. We had come way too far to turn back, so we had no choice but to conquer it.

There was even a little sign that said “Toilet paper will be supplied at the bottom”.

We chose who was going first: Etienne was the unlucky one. Seems this was because his Landy was the heaviest; if he made it, we figured that we Jeeps would stand a chance of surviving.