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LA Sport: Radical Rubicon

LA Sport: Radical Rubicon


For most of us, a late model, bog standard Rubicon would be more than sufficient as an off -road toy. For Anel Lewis, this obviously isn’t the case, and having a father who owns one of SA’s biggest 4×4 accessory stores means that ‘standard’ simply isn’t good enough. The jeep went through a full transformation using bolt-on kit that you can find at any LA Sport store countrywide. Built under Anel’s expert guidance, the Jeep fits the requirements of someone who wants a weekend toy that is epic fun to drive, far more capable than standard, and yet also practical as a daily driver and overland rig. LAS has equipped this Rubicon with gear that should satisfy almost anyone, but, for some reason, we feel Anel wants even more…

Sump Guard – R2 895

Made from 6mm aluminium, the Front Runner sump guard protects the engine’s oil pan from damage caused by rocks or other trail debris.

LAS Pro Fender Suspension – R14 500 for complete kit

A full LAS Pro Fender premium suspension kit was installed, including new coils all round, and shock absorbers designed and tested in South Africa. The LAS Pro Fender shock absorbers are a twin-tube design with an extremely large diameter bore of 40mm and shaft of 20mm, for optimum heat dissipation and performance in extended bouts of off-road abuse. They also increase the Rubicon’s already impressive wheel articulation. The LAS Pro Fender suspension system comes with a best-in-class three-year unlimited mileage warranty.

1. LAS Snorkel – R2 995

All LAS snorkels are made from linear low-density polyethylene which is resistant to harsh UV rays for a long-lasting and durable finish. The benefits of a snorkel go beyond increasing wading depth to roof height, but also maintain a cleaner air flow, away from low-level dust and debris that a Jeep would otherwise suck in from the standard intake. Being up high, away from the hot engine, also means that the engine will breathe cooler air, increasing performance, fuel economy and reliability while reducing servicing costs by keeping your filter clean.

2. Wind Shield Spot light Brackets – R245

The powder-coated spot light mounts install easily to the existing windscreen hinge using existing factory bolts.

3. USA Jeep – Spyder side steps: R8 500

4. Tyres – Tyres: R5 900 | Rims: R3 400

Getting a set of 33-inch Cooper Discoverer STT Pro LT tyres under the Rubicon’s wheel arches has transformed the grip potential of Anel’s ride, and man, it looks just right. The Coopers are 305/65 R17s, matched to a set of Ravine rims (AX194) from American Racing’s ATX Series, with a beadlocker and matt gunmetal finish.

5. Planetron replacement light – 7-inch: R8 500 per set

Saying that the Jeep’s standard halogen bulbs are effective would probably be a bit of an overstatement. To up the ante, a set of Planetron 7-inch replacement lights was fitted. Perfect for any 4×4 with 7-inch lights (think Defender, G Wagen or Wrangler), these units slot right in to replace the standard units. The lights utilise both a Philip and Cree LED set for an output of 24W on low beam and 48W on high beam with a maximum lumen output of 3900 each. An efficient polycarbonate lens and Lexan front cover ensure durability for the entirety of the 60 000 hours+ long lifespan of the LEDs.

6. LAS Wrangler Bull Bar – R13 800

LAS replacement bumpers have the LA Sport DNA imprinted in their design, with features like integrated fog lights, spot light mounting brackets and centre cover plate as standard. The bar is made from mild steel that is E-coated and powder-coated for rust prevention. Featuring cut-out portions for optional winch mounting of up to 12 500LB, the bumper offers grille and light protection as well as an improved approach angle. Round hi-lift jacking points and 10mm thick steel recovery points are standard.

7. LAS Winch 9500LB – R13 995

The LAS winch uses a potent series-wound motor with 4.4kW of power, a 212:1 low-ratio gearbox and threestage planetary drive train to ensure a compact design. Thanks to using a 28 metre plasma line and hawse fairlead as opposed to a heavy steel cable, the winch maintains a low weight of only 39kg, mounted behind the front bumper. The winch has a pull rating of up to 4.3 metric tons – more than enough for the Jeep.

LAS Wrangler rear bumper – R12 100

Built to the same standards at the LAS bull bars, LAS rear bumpers are available in two options: with either a right- or left-hand spare-wheel carrier, or an economy option without the wheel carrier. Both options include jacking points, recovery points, a detachable tow bar with a 12v 50amp plug, and a recessed trailer plug.

JKU 4-Door Cargo Storage Interior Rack – R3 995

Front Runner has taken the best features of the Slimline II Roof Rack and created a completely flat tray designed specifically for inside the Jeep Wrangler.

USA Spares-Jeep

The Avenger Bonnet: R11 400 | Avenger Grill: R3 200 | Rear LED lights: R3 420
These guys hooked the Wrangler up with a few accessories to give it a more aggressive stance

The Takla covers are waterproof, soft, non-shrinking, machine washable, stain resistant, quick drying, and come with a lifetime guarantee. They feature a Cantech fabric with an 8mm layer of 8PTF foam, making them more comfortable than ever before. Diamond Top Stitching and customised embroidery raise the level of opulence in the Jeep. (Available in carbon black, beige and classic greys.)

Takla Seat Covers R8 540

Fitted with Takla’s topline ‘Signature’ range of seat covers, the interior gains a level of class and durability.

Jeep Wrangler JKU 4-Door (2007-Current) Slimline II Extreme Roof Rack R12 390

The tried and tested Front Runner Slimline II rack system is an all alloy roof rack weighing only 46kg. The JK Extreme mounting system bolts directly to the roll bar with middle and rear brackets. This unobtrusive and nearly indestructible mounting solution allows you to remove the Jeep’s Freedom Panels (roof panels) quickly, and works with the hard top or with no roof at all. Thanks to this unique system, the Freedom Panels can easily be removed without taking off the roof rack, and weight is evenly distributed across the roll bars. Another unique feature of the Slimline II is the inclusion of foot rails which can accommodate a small Front Runner prep table right under the rack itself. To reduce wind noise and improve economy, a wind deflector is included.

JKU Cargo Slide R3 995

The Front Runner cargo slide, especially designed for the bed of the four-door Wrangler, creates more work and prep space in the back. The tray mounts to the existing tie-down points in the back of the Jeep and works alongside the subwoofer without requiring any drilling.

Drop Down Table R995

A sturdy Front Runner drop-down table mounts to the rear swing door. Featuring a black powder coated steel table top and extendable wooden tray, the table is easily accessed and stored away and will not rattle on the worst roads.

There’s more …

With all the gear that’s been added, the LAS Wrangler is about as perfect at a Jeep can get, but, as ever, Lionel and Anel still aren’t satisfied. With a background in V8 monster trucks, Lionel feels a bit depressed about the measly Pentastar V6 powering his daughter’s otherwise perfect Wrangler. Anel also has her eye on something bigger, and lurking just around the corner out of sight, another Jeep offers up its heart – a 5.7-litre Hemi V8 installed by USA Trucks.

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