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Lazy Land Rover


Qusetion by: Andries du Preez Answer by: Arnold VenterI recently bought a Land Rover 110 SW with the 6-cylinder naturally-aspirated diesel motor (68 kW). It goes well but lacks oomph on the uphills. Would I gain noticeable power by fitting freewheel hubs to the front axle along with a free-flow exhaust system?
Andries du Preez

Theoretically, installing a free-flow exhaust with freewheel hubs will make a difference, however, the power increase will be marginal. Personally, I’d opt for an engine swap: either the Land Rover 2.5 TDI or the Ford 2.5 TDI. Both motors are well regarded for their reliability, respectable fuel consumption and power output.
Arnold Venter
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