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SA4x4 Clinic got a technical query

Lube It Up


Question by: Richard Rattue Answer by: Arnold VenterI drive an ’07 Land Cruiser 100 Series 4.2-litre diesel. Whenever possible I fill up with 50 ppm diesel but I’m worried about long-term wear and tear on the engine. Should I be adding 2-stroke oil to help lubricate the motor, or is this practice only required for turbo-diesel setups?
Secondly, I mostly drive the vehicle on-road so do I still have to change the engine oil every 5 000 km? Lastly, is an aftermarket turbo conversion a bad idea for this engine, or could I get away with it?
Richard Rattue

Low-sulphur diesel has poor lubrication properties; by adding 2-stroke oil you help protect your engine (turbo and non-turbo alike) against long-term wear. With that said, we recommend the addition of 2-stroke synthetic oil – just a small bottle – to every second full tank of fuel.
Regarding your other questions: always stick to the manufacturer’s recommended service schedule by continuing to change your Cruiser’s oil every 5 000 km. Over the years we’ve successfully fitted dozens of low-pressure turbos to the 1HZ motor; a turbo conversion is not a bad idea and it can be carried out with great success.
Arnold Venter
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