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Mahindra SA reveals all-new, special edition, Pik Up Karoo range


Mahindra continues to impress its customers as it builds on its new brand identity and brand positioning of “Unleash the Explorer In You.” Mahindra has revealed an entirely new dynamic range of bakkies with three new special addition Pik Up, models.

The three new workhorses expand on the locally designed Karoo range and signify how honest the brand is, aiming to meet the needs of customers in need of reliable and capable bakkies. Fans can now accept a challenge from even the toughest terrains, and definitely “unleash the explorer in them.”

The new models have been named the Pik Up Karoo Dusk, Karoo Dawn and Karoo Storm, all promising to offer many of the same features that made their popular, first edition, Karoo Dusk sell like hot cakes, and will also offer several brand new features that include an all-leather interior and custom paint colours.

“The Karoo nameplate signifies our commitment to South Africa and the way South Africans have adopted the Pik Up lifestyle range as their desire to ‘Unleash The Explorer in You’ and enjoy the adventure and family fun. This is equally true of our new Karoo Dawn, Dusk and Storm models, and we are very excited to showcase our range of Authentic Bakkies to our fans,” says Rajesh Gupta, CEO of Mahindra South Africa.

Mahindra SA has been one of the fastest growing bakkie brands in the last five years and recently celebrated their ten-thousandth Pik Up to roll off at its assembly plant in Durban.

Upgraded Karoo specification comes standard

All three special edition models are built on the upgraded Pik Up Karoo platform. The Mahindra Karoo will feature new decals as standard, branded Karoo interior carpets, a nudge bar and a load bin-mounted sports bar with Karoo detailing.

Cloth seats have been upgraded to elegant leather upholstery, along with an upgraded infotainment system. Bye-bye to the 7-inch, and hello to a larger HD, 9-inch system with Apply CarPlay, Android Auto, and of course, a built-in navigation system.

More rugged and refined

The three new Karoo editions will be fitted with a heavy-duty off-road suspension, off-road tyres and hardened 4×4 rims, including an additional off-road rim as a spare wheel.

All models will come standard with a front and rear steel bumper for better off-road clearance. Bumpers have been secured to the chassis and offer recovery and hitching points, which are ideal for off-road use. The rear step has been trimmed with non-slip diamond plating for easier access to the load bin, while the front bumper is fitted with special LED driving lights.

All special edition models also have rubberised load bins and rear overfenders, giving the bakkie a more rugged and refined stance and clearly differentiating each special edition model from its older siblings.

Karoo Dusk

In 2021, the Karoo Dusk was sold in limited numbers. The newcomer has been inspired by the pitch-dark night that can only be experienced while in a desert and by the many creatures that turn the Karoo into a “symphony of life’ as the sun sets.

To emphasise the Karoo dusk and nightfall, Mahindra painted the Karoo Dusk black and finished it off with black and blue Karoo decals.

The sports bar and roller shutter door fitted to the rubberised load bin has also been finished off in pitch black with an added, longer sports bar to the front approach bumper.

Karoo Dawn

The Karoo Dawn is a new addition to the Karoo range. It’s finished off in a sandy beige colour, which proved popular among farmers and overland enthusiasts.

The design and colour of the Karoo Dawn boast an image of the desert early in morning, with its first light of dawn, fresh dew and searing desert heat awaiting.

Like the Karoo Dusk, the Karoo Dawn has the same features, with the roller shutter door and long sports bar, however, it has an additional heavy-duty roof rack and a flush mounted tonneau cover as standard.

Karoo Storm

The third and final special edition version of the Karoo is the Karoo Storm.

This edition came alive with the image of a stunning and rare Karoo rainstorm. It captures the unrest that transpires in the Karoo desert as the clouds build and become thick, the change of colour in the sky, windmills that start spinning uncontrollably and last but not least, the rumble of thunder.

The Pik Up Karoo Storm has been finished with a unique light blue hue that complements its black and grey Karoo decal trim.

Like its siblings, it has a factory-fitted approach and departure bumper, a rubberised load bay, tonneau cover and special off-road rims and tyres. It also has a full leather interior as standard and the same hardy rubber mats that are standard across the special Karoo range.

Automatic available

All Karoo and Karoo Special Edition models boast the heart of Mahindra’s mHawk 2.2-litre, turbodiesel engine that delivers 103 kW at 3 750 rpm with 320 Nm of torque in a wide power band between 1 500 r/min and 2 800 r/min.

In the Special Edition models, buyers are offered a 6-speed automatic transmission, making it the perfect stand-out bakkie for every type of user. This transmission was extensively tested in South Africa before its global launch on the Pik Up Karoo S11 in 2020.

All Karoo Dusk, Karoo Storm and Karoo Dawn models are sold with a 4-year/120 000 km mechanical warranty and 5-year/90 000 km service plan.