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Mitsubishi’s Triton to compete in Asia Cross Country Rally


Excitement is all around as Team Mitsubishi Ralliart is set to compete in the Asia Cross Country Rally (AXCR) 2022 with technical support from Mitsubishi Motors. So far, endurance tests of the Triton rally car were conducted in Thailand on June 27 and 28, confirming that the preparations for the rally were proceeding smoothly.

The tests challenged the vehicle to high loads that can be expected in the rally and continued to focus mainly on the reliability and durability of the chassis and engine.

The team used a 10km course, similar to the environment of the actual rally course, and combined a high-speed range, rough gravel, and a narrow, winding forest course.

“Since the Triton has a robust chassis frame and an excellent handling performance, we decided to reduce the vehicle weight at a minimum for the rally modification while leveraging its original strength as much as possible,” said Hiroshi Masuoka, team director of Team Mitsubishi Ralliart. “Having covered more than 800 kilometers in two days, the rally car showed its great performance throughout the tough endurance tests as we expected, and now we are confident that our preparation is on the right track.”

The AXCR is an exact week-long, 2000km cross-country rally race that takes place in the natural terrain of Southeast Asia. The rally was normally held in August each year, however, due to COVID-19, the rally was canceled in 2020 and 2021.

The rally will be taking place on November 21 – 26, with a course of 1700km long, that will begin in Buriram in the northeast of Thailand before crossing into Cambodia and end at the World Heritage site of Angkor Wat.

Triton rally car overview

The Triton rally car is classified as a Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA) Group T1 rally car (prototype cross-country vehicle). The Triton is based on the Thailand-specification double-cab model, the car’s hood, front and rear doors, interior, and other parts have been lightened, while its exterior has been strengthened with a roll cage and under guards.

The suspension provides outstanding handling characteristics, while the front and rear limited-slip differential (LSD), large-diameter off-road tyres, and 17-inch, lightweight alloy wheels improve its handling on tough, rough road surfaces.

Its 2.4-litre diesel turbo engine proved responsive in the mid-speed ranges that is frequently used in rallies. Mated to a 6-speed manual transmission, a challenge for the Triton surely awaits. Some AXCR stages include river crossings, so therefore, water-proofing modifications have also been added, such as a stronger sealing and an air-intake snorkel.

View team Mitsubishi Ralliart and their immaculate Triton rally car in action below while tackling the endurance test 

“The Triton rally car is ruggedly styled and able to perform in an extreme rally endurance environment. The car’s reliability and durability complement our brands long and successful motorsport history and goes hand in hand with our adventurous lifestyle focus,” explains Jeffrey Allison, General Manager: Marketing at Mitsubishi Motors South Africa (MMSA).

Overall length 5,300 mm
Overall width 1,815 mm
Wheelbase 3,000 mm
Tread (front/rear) 1,520 mm / 1,515 mm
Engine 4N15 type 4-cylinder MIVEC turbo diesel
Fuel injector High-pressure common-rail injection
Displacement 2,442 cc
Power (maximum) 133 kW
Torque (maximum) 430 Nm
Transmission 6-speed manual
4WD system Super Select 4WD-II
Differential Cusco front and rear LSD
Front suspension Independent double-wishbone with coil springs
Rear suspension Rigid leaf springs
Shock absorbers Cusco adjustable front and rear dampers
Steering Rack and pinion with power assist
Brakes Endless front and rear ventilated discs

with 4-piston calipers

Wheels Aluminium alloy wheels (17-inch x 8J)
Tires Yokohama GEOLANDAR M/T G003 (265/70R17)
Others Carbon fibre hood

Carbon fibre front and rear door panels